Grad ball tickets

Miriam Barker submitted on

Tuesday 17th April 2018


I have already seen that someone has asked a question about this and i agree whith what they said

I also wanted to add that even if the £45 ticket price is justified due to the bands booked etc, i still think it not fair to have prices this high.

this is the last university event that we will have as students, and the biggest part of that is that we are all able to go so we can have a good time being together! I personally will be able to pay for a ticket (even though im still not really wanting to pay that much) but i know many people just physically wont be able to, that money is what they use for just living day to day. 
I just dont think it fair to have many students miss out on an event due to things out of their control.


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Emily Dawes submitted on

Thursday 17th May 2018


Hi Miriam, 

I've answered the other You Make Change here (, so check that out! I know we've also spoken over Facebook about this, so if you have any further questions, just drop me another message!

Flora, Union President