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Offer Free From options in The Shop

Over a year ago I was informed that I have a high sensitivity to gluten, glutamate, caffeine and salt. This has restricted my diet and I have been completely unable to find food in The Shop when I forget to bring my own. On occasion I have been able to find some gluten free biscuits of sorts but these are not always available. I feel there are no healthy Free From options. Gluten free/egg free wraps and salads would fill this gap.

Submitted on Tuesday 24th April 2018


Hi! Thanks for your idea. Although we already stock a number of free from items, including curry pots, pies, crisps and over 30 types of cereal bars, we have found that certain free from products such as rolls and wraps had to be discontinued as they proved unsuccessful. Having said this, we are always looking for ways to make the range in the shop better at accommodating those with a range of dietary requirements, so if you have any ideas for what might be popular, please let me know by emailing


Flora, Union President 


Thursday 17th May 2018 12:49pm


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    Friday 27th Apr 2018 1:06pm


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