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GDPR guidance

In my previous question about GDPR (, I was told guideance would be being made avaliable, It is now three weeks to the date when societies need to be compliant. Do we have a date for when this guidance going to be made avaliable? 

Submitted on Thursday 3rd May 2018

Hi Tyler, 

Thank you for your question. Guidance has now gone out to all societies about how to ensure that they are GDPR compliant. An outline of GDPR compliance for societies can also be found here:

I believe that some more guidance will also be going out to society committees closer to Freshers', in time for your influx of new members. If there are any specific questions you have surrounding GDPR and your society, you can contact, or myself and our director of operations are happy to meet committee members to discuss these.

Many thanks, 

Evie Reilly (VP DCI)

Friday 13th Jul 2018 12:02pm