You didn't actually answer my question, Flora.

Anonymous submitted on

Tuesday 15th May 2018


Hi, you responded to my question but didn't actually answer it so I'm going to ask it again.

Why are cocktails being made in The Bridge with Red Bull? This was a change that happened a couple of months ago, seemingly without student consultation. Mixing energy drinks and alcohol has been shown to have negative affects on the body (see: but aside from that, as if that wasn't enough of a reason, what about those who want a cocktail but don't want an energy drink, or cannot have that much caffeine? Would it be too much to have a wide variety of other types of cocktail sold alongside these? Addition: You sell a Pimms cocktail with Red Bull, but you can't actually get Pimms. A Peach Bellini, which is literally just prosecco and peach, is apparently impossible even though the ingredients are there.

Please actually answer my question this time!


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Isabella Camilleri submitted on

Friday 22nd June 2018


Hi there, 

Thank you for your question. I can totally empathise with you on the Red Bull front, as I am unable to drink caffeine myself. 

Hopefully, you will be glad to hear that the Bridge cocktail menu consists of the following:

- 3 Long Cocktails

- 2 Long Mocktails

- 4 Mojito Cocktails

- 4 Mojito Mocktails

- 6 Red Bull Cocktails

- 3 Red Bull Mocktails. 

Pimms is available to buy by the glass, and is sold also in The Stags where the fresh fruit is available. 

The reason why some cocktails are made with Red Bull is because it has proven to be the second most popular mixer, behind Coke. As Red Bull is not for everyone, I have spoken with the Assistant Bars Manager, and he sees no issue with an individual swapping out the Red Bull in the cocktails or mocktails with an alternative mixer such as lemonade. The bars staff are friendly and accomodating, so please don't hesitate to ask them if you have any queries or requests. 

I hope this answers your question satisfactorily. If not, please don't hesitate to contact me at

Kind regards, 

Sam Higman - VP Welfare