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Student Online deliveries

Having been in LP last year, I had great peace of mind ordering expensive things off the internet, as it was delivered to a 24-hour reception so I wouldn't miss a delivery. Now I'm in a house this convenience and peace of mind is gone, and there's always a risk of couriers putting items in 'safe' places that aren't so. Is there any chance the Union could offer some service to allow us to order stuff to campus (ie like SUSU reception) to pick up during the day when it's convenient?

Submitted on Sunday 20th May 2018


Hi Rory,


Thanks for your idea. I completely understand wanting peace of mind, but unfortunately we wouldn't be able to offer delivery to SUSU reception - as I'm sure you can imagine, deliveries for nearly 23,000 students coming to the Union building would be an absolute nightmare! 

We have, for several years, been lobbying the University to get an Amazon locker on campus. We're yet to have agreement from the Uni as to where an Amazon locker might go, but will not be dropping the issue with them as it's clearly something that would improve the experience of a lot of students studying here. 

In the meantime, the Post Office offer a collection service ( - there's one on campus and one in Portswood!


Flora, Union President

Monday 11th Jun 2018 12:47pm


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    Friday 1st Jun 2018 1:05pm


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