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the shop to use paper bags like the supermarkets are doing.

I think the shop should move to using paper bags as do a lot of the supermarkets now to reduce the amount of plastic wastage.

Submitted on Tuesday 3rd July 2018


Hi Kathryn, 

Thank you for your idea submission. I spoke to the head of Union Services yesterday regarding your idea to move to using paper bags in order to reduce plastic waste. He assured me that - like the supermarket Morrisons - we are introducing paper bags with a plant-based plastic window. 

You may also like to know that we are changing the plastic salad containers currently in the shop to cardboard and PLA and once the remaining plastic cutlery has been used up (predicted to be some time in the first term) they will be replaced with wooden cutlery.

Best wishes, 

Isabella Camilleri, VP Welfare

Friday 27th Jul 2018 2:51pm


  • Forwarded to Sustainability
    Friday 13th Jul 2018 1:23pm


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  • SUSU offer small paper bags however they started charging 10p each for them.

    Submitted on Tuesday 17th July 2018 12:22 by Max Hayman
  • Paper bags have a larger carbon footprint than plastic bags. Reusable bags need to be reused A LOT to be more environmentally friendly than pplastic bags.

    Submitted on Sunday 15th July 2018 12:24 by Kathryn Stephens