Storage for 3 Societies

Maryam Malakoutikhah submitted on

Wednesday 4th July 2018


Dear SUSU team,

Good afternoon, 

My name is Maryam and I am the president of Persian Soc and Persian dance Soc, also a member of Wrestling Soc.

SUSU team have always been very helpful not only to us but all the other societies and we appreciate your hard work.

We know many societies have requests for storage and we are also 3 societies among them (Persian, Persian Dance, Wrestling).

It has been more than a year that specially for Persian Soc we have asked SUSU team for some storage space . Although we know there are very limitted storage space available for a lot of different societies, we are now 3 societies (Persian, Persian Dance, Wrestling) looking for a small storage space to share between us. 

We are struggling and putting stuff in our cars or under our working desks. I was wondering is'nt there a possibility to look over the storages and use them more efficiently?

For onstance, Persian soc organises Fire jumping event every year which more than 300 people attend; we have 3 metal buckets that we set the fire in them, they only need a small place to store but they are very heavy to move around and they are only used once a year. Is'nt there a bit of space to store these and only once a year take them out for the event?

Apart from the Fire jumping buckets, we need a space for about 2 blue Ikea bags which all 3 societies will share. If the storage are organised more efficiently, is it possible to fit 2 bags? 

Please help us find a small space in SUSU storage spaces and solve our problem. It has been difficult moving them from place to place and I do not have any other place to put them now.

I very much appreciate your help.

Kind Regards



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Steve Gore submitted on

Wednesday 25th July 2018


Hi Maryam,

Thank you for your request. Unfortunately as you are aware SUSU is practically at capacity in terms of storage and space. That doesn't mean we can't help your societies however, as I am currently looking into expanding the storage offer for a few sports clubs. If you would like to email me at with more information on what you need to store and the dimensions you need, I might be able to offer something to help alleviate your situation.

Best wishes,

Steve Gore, VP Sports