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Get a recycling bin behind reception and improve the recycling in SUSU

We need to improve recycling !

Submitted on Wednesday 11th July 2018


Hey there,

Thank you for your idea submission. At the moment our mixed waste bins are taken and the rubbish seperated and then the items that can be are recycled, the rest sent to "energy recovery", therefore the rubbish behind reception will be seperated.

Unfortunately, this method is not the most efficient as some bags of waste are contaminated with food, so are unable to be recycled and must be destroyed. In light of this, we are currently trailling the seperate waste method (with more bins) at WSA and in the library. As it is a very large-scale project to introduce additioinal bins at all our sites, we must see whether students do use these bins correctly and whether it would be worth the investment. 

If you want any more info regarding our waste management, please visit the Uni website here: 

Best wishes, 

Isabella Camilleri, VP Welfare

Friday 27th Jul 2018 3:36pm


  • Forwarded to Sustainability
    Friday 13th Jul 2018 1:30pm


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