Put more effort into advertising the Safety Bus.

Anonymous submitted on

Wednesday 11th July 2018


I feel that no effort is being put into keeping the Safety Bus service running. I hope this years sabbs change this.

A few things I believe could be done to increase the Safety Bus's usability would be...

A safety bus stop outside on the rebrick where it parks. This needs to have the safety bus times and how to contact the bus 

A working safety bus sign in stags that lights up when the bus is here. 

A safety bus tracker so people know where the bus is. 

More continous advertisement. Maybe the stags/bridge pages advertising weekly.


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Students' Union replied on

Tuesday 7th Aug 2018 11:30am

Hi there, 

Thank you for your submission. I totally agree and think the Safety Bus is a great service that isn't advertised/ marketed enough! This year, student safety is one of my main focuses and I will ensure the safety bus is marketed much more. The key ideas you raised, I will propose to senior leadership staff at our next meeting. Please keep a look on my Facebook profile, I will update this one I get some answers :)

Best wishes, 

Isabella Camilleri 

VP Welfare


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    Friday 13th Jul 2018 2:58pm

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    Friday 13th Jul 2018 1:33pm


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Peter Forbes commented on

Saturday 28th Jul 2018 3:59am

Even just sticking up a few posters will do a lot of good in making more people aware of this usefull service

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