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Why is the Bridge shut for lunch for a private event?

During term time undergraduates complain if Bridge is shut for lunch so you never shut it for a private event. But during summer time when there is no other place in the union that serves lunch, you are happy to close it for private events. Can you explain that? Why is there not an alternative open if Bridge is being shut for private events? When will the union start treating PG students as they treat the UGs?

Submitted on Friday 13th July 2018


I come back with a bit of an update!

I've had a chat with our Union Services team and I was informed that on the day in question the menu in the Stags was extended so there was an alternative place with were food options avilible for students. Whilst I appreciate it is annoying to have only one food venue, I can assure you that we will always make sure that there is another place to get food if one of the venues, such as the Bridge, is closed on any given day.

I hope this helps! 

Friday 27th Jul 2018 4:38pm