Membership changes and storage security

Anonymous submitted on

Friday 27th July 2018


Hi, can SUSU please explain and correct the following as a matter of urgency. * Why our committee lists on the website have been altered, which has prevented members from accessing our equipment storage. * Why the groups hub requires us to set up box office memberships, with a link to a page saying that the functionality is not available. * Why we are unable to add members to our society, which relates to the previous point. * Why SUSU has changed the padlock on Cage 9 to a cheap insecure one and failed to inform any of the societies that this affects.


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Steve Gore submitted on

Tuesday 14th August 2018


Hi again,

I've followed up your question about the cage 9 padlock with facilities and they got back to me with this response:

"It appears that one of the clubs actually changed the lock without the knowledge of SUSU. Many thanks for bringing this to our attention and the lock is being changed back to a more secure one to rectify the current situation."

Hopefully this issue will be resolved for societies now.

Best wishes,

Steve Gore, VP Sports