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Make Thatchers Gold £2 at flamingo and TGIF again

Reason 1: Bud Light, Somersby and Team Southampton Ale are all awful pints

Reason 2: I bloody love Thatchers 

Submitted on Monday 6th August 2018



Easily one of the funniest YMC submissions I've had (Thatchers is peng). We have recently had a product change in the Stag’s, and the new TGIF discounted pints will be Bud Light, Aspall Harry Sparrow Cider, and Greene King IPA, which hopefully will be a bit nicer. Thatcher’s Gold has also been replaced, by the more premium Thatcher’s Haze. Unfortunately due to the cost of buying in Thatcher’s, we cannot offer it lower than its listed price of £3.30. 

Hope that helps!

Emily, Union President 

Thursday 16th Aug 2018 4:31pm


  • Forwarded to Union President
    Tuesday 14th Aug 2018 10:54am


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