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rethink sustainability...with regard to recycling...

the new black bins are not good :( firstly if there is an option to 'general waste' people will use it rather than recycle.. and the recycling sections are uselessly small... get filled really quickly and its only the summer break...even if theyre emptiesonce an hour theyre just no use...

and while Im on a gripe about new bins... black looks depressing and boring....need brighter bins! lets get them decorated!

Submitted on Thursday 9th August 2018


Hi there, 


Thank you for your submission. The black bins in the library and WSA are on a trial period to see if students seperate their waste and whether it's financially and practically worthy of implementing the seperate waste bins on our different sites. I will ensure your feedback (which many other students have also raised with me re. where is the general waste bit tho? and also the size) is passed on for estates to include when reviewing the trial. 

Furthermore, our ethics and environment officer and the University estates and facilities team to produce and promote bold and bright and engaging "what goes where" posters and ads to help students dispose of waste effectively. 

Finally, we have been in discussions about increasing the bin collections and this is going to take place- particuarly around exams. 


I hope this answers your questions. If you would like to be invovled in the conversations about sustainability on our campus, please do contact me directly at or come along to (open to anyone) a sustainability zone meeting! Our next one is taking place November 26th 1pm-3pm. 


Best wishes, 


Isabella Camilleri

VP Welfare

University of Southampton Students' Union

Friday 2nd Nov 2018 2:23pm


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    Tuesday 14th Aug 2018 10:53am


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  • If there is an option "general waste" I will actually be able to throw away my banana peel without trekking to the outside of B42 to find one that isn't "mixed recycling". I strongly disagree with you here.

    Submitted on Tuesday 21st August 2018 23:45 by Alexander Petrov