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Smoking areas

regarding smoking areas and the ignored signs outside nearly every building...perhaps a designated smoking area could be built...

also any chance of making whole interchange area non smoking?

Submitted on Thursday 9th August 2018


Thank you for your feedback, and sorry tfor the delay in response, I have now taken up Emily's open You Make Changes. It is my understanding that the interchange is supposed to be a non-smoking area. I don't believe it will be possible to create a designated smoking shelter, but what I can do is talk to the appropriate department of the University and ensure that this is appropriately signposted and enforced, I know that this has happened around the entrance to Hartley and had a positive impact there.

Thank you for your feedback!

Evie Reilly (VP Democracy and Creative Industries)

Friday 14th Dec 2018 11:21am

Hi Deborah,

Thank you for getting in touch and raising this issue! I am currently unsure of the scope of a dedicated smoking area, but I will contact the university and get back to you as soon as I have an answer.

Emily, Union President 

Thursday 16th Aug 2018 4:26pm


  • Forwarded to Union President
    Tuesday 14th Aug 2018 10:58am


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