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Make rooftop gardens

It'd be great to have rooftop gardens on all the university buildings. Even if it's impossible to make them freely accessible to staff and students, low maintenance plants like wildflowers, herbs and grass could be planted in containers on the roofs of most buildings. This could improve air quality, attract wildlife and give staff and students more relaxing break areas. We could also add bug hotels and bird/bat boxes too.

Submitted on Sunday 12th August 2018


Hi Hazel,

Yes yes yes!!! I think this is such a good idea and I would love to roll something like this out this year. Unfortunetly for health and safety reasons, we cannot put them on any roofs but what I can offer you are the balconies at the cafe. We have a few balconies that are accessible to everyone with lots of space for plants and even bug hotels. I will contact our director of operations, union services and the CEO to see what the full scope of this is, so watch this space!

Feel free to contact me on to discuss this further.

Emily, Union President 

Tuesday 4th Sep 2018 5:02pm


  • Forwarded to Union President
    Friday 17th Aug 2018 1:12pm


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