bring a cart with trays in it to each floor on the library

Anonymous submitted on

Tuesday 14th August 2018


A lot of the time I go to the library I see computers that aren't even logged in taken up buy peoples bags/things. It would be great to have somewhere where we could put their stuff if they're not using the computer so we could use it ourselves. Possibly large trays that can fit a lot of stuff inside a tray and then the trays can be stored in some area where they will know to look if their stuff isn't at the desk they had taken up. 


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Students' Union replied on

Friday 7th Sep 2018 2:05pm

Hello again! 

Following my last update I'm afriad to say that there hasn't been any more news from the Library. As such I'm going to close this You Make Change submission, but with the intention of re-opening it should something happen in the future. 

Thank you for making the submission, and all the best in the future! 

All the best,

Samuel Dedman (VP Education 2017-19 -

Students' Union replied on

Friday 24th Aug 2018 3:13pm

Hello again! 

I made contact with the Library as promised, and have a bit of an update from them:

"I’ve raised the issue of lockers and there is currently no space for them.  We have been told by security that we cannot remove students belongings.  We have a system during revision/exam time where we issue notices and push things to the side  but this is difficult to monitor. We aare going to look into the booking of pc space as this might help students to manage their time better and is more manageable for us."

Admittedly this isn't ideal from the perspective of your You Make Change, but at least gives an indication of what their thinking is. Your idea is still up for voting on the SUSU website however, so please encourage people to vote if you can!

All the best, 

Samuel Dedman
VP Education 2017-19 -


Students' Union replied on

Friday 17th Aug 2018 3:06pm


This is an excellent suggestion - and in fact, lockers were something which the Library were looking into already. Let me get in touch with them to see where we are, and I'll be back once I have an update. 

Your You Make Change is also now live on the SUSU website and available to vote on, so make sure you share it around to your friends.

If you have any questions, please let me know on, or via Facebook or Twitter!

All the best,

Samuel Dedman (VP Education, 2017-19)


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    Friday 17th Aug 2018 1:20pm


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