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Friday 17th August 2018


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I’m very saddened to hear that Thatchers gold has been replaced by the reasonable but quite frankly inferior Thatchers Haze. Whilst I acknowledge that Haze is better than dreadful Strongbow, diabolical magners and childish koppaberg, it is inferior to Gold. Thatchers Gold is a premium allrounder at medium dry. It is not too sweet. It is not too dry. It suits all weathers. It is easily drinkable but can be paced well. It is even local and vegan friendly. It is simply the best Draught cider. 

As someone who is from the west country I am insulted by the comments of the president suggesting that Haze is more premium than Gold. She is simply wrong and I question her ability to make cider based decisions. She has clearly never had a proper pint of gold. Haze is too sweet compared to Gold and that is a fact. I would like to add that the only Thatcher’s ciders better than Gold are Thatchers Katy and Thatchers Vintage. Both excellent craft ciders which I actively encourage susu to add to the menu when Gold returns.

I would like to point out that adding Haze to the menu instead of an inferior cider, such as the equally as sweet but less well done somersby, would be welcomed. However to replace Gold with this is the issue. We now have lots of sweet ciders being sold from somersby, (properly done sweet) Haze and bulmers/ koppaberg and no world class medium dry cider (yet).

I would also like to suggest involving a westcountry person (preferably from Somerset or Bristol) in all future cider making decisions.





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Students' Union replied on

Tuesday 4th Sep 2018 4:55pm


Thank you for following up this issue. I apologise if anything I said offensive when implying that Haze is the more premium cider, I was only going by what they put on their own website! We also cannot determine who has input on issues based on what part of the country they are from, hence why you make change exists! Our cider sales have stagnated over the past few years, compared to our lager sales, and we have had the same choices on offer, so we figured it was time to change things up. Both Thatcher’s Gold and Somersby were bought and sold at very similar price points, and the brewers of each cider describe both of them as their entry cider. The Bars Team made the decision to offer an entry level option, and a premium option, to give more depth to the cider options in The Stags. Aspall is a very popular product, with a slightly lower ABV, Aspall Harry Sparrow was selected to be the entry level cider, with Thatcher’s Haze, which Thatcher’s describes as their premium cider, introduced as the premium option. It Medium Dry cider is what you are after, Aspall Harry Sparrow is a medium dry, as is Stowford Press which is on tap in The Bridge.

Really really hope I haven't said anything too controversial but ultimately it is up to the bars to decide. I can offer you a pint?

Emily, Union President 


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    Friday 24th Aug 2018 1:30pm


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