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Have a Clothing Bank on Highfield campus or hold regular clothes swaps

It can be difficult for those working full hour days to make it to charity shops whilst they're open. Having a clothes bank or possibly holding regular clothes swaps on campus would be great. I hear SGH has a bin people can drop stuff off too, at least a friend who works their used to take my stuff in for me, I don't know how widespread across their campus it is.

Submitted on Thursday 23rd August 2018


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Yes, I would love this! Myself and Ethics and Environment Officer, Lucy Stephenson, are looking to do this with a SUSU partner app, Paperclip, so that students can organsie clothe swaps/sales online and meet up to swap. Hopefully this will be set up by Christmas.

Also, it terms of sustainable clothing and goods waste we are working with British Heart Foundation and City Council to increase the donation banks across hotspot student accomodation areas and on different University sites.


I hope this provides some clarity to your sugeestion. If you have anything else you'd like to know/ suggest please contact me at Or attend the next Sustainability Zone meeting (open to any student) taking place 26th November 1pm-3pm.


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Isabella Camilleri

VP Welfare

University of Southampton Students' Union

Friday 2nd Nov 2018 3:52pm


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    Friday 24th Aug 2018 1:06pm


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  • Especially at end of term/year when people are leaving halls etc!

    Submitted on Friday 24th August 2018 16:21 by Aimee Orchel