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Offer discounts to volunteers

There are a bunch of different volunteering societies within SUSU and sometimes it's hard to get devoted volunteers.
Being able to reward students with (EG) a 10% discount at the bridge and the café after they've put in a number of hours would be cool.

Submitted on Tuesday 11th September 2018


Hello Corin! 

I am pleased to say that the volunteer cards are on the way, and that a trial has been planned for next term (so just after the upcoming vacation period). As such I'm going to mark this You Make Change as completed, and will be in touch in due course with more details about the trial. 

Thanks for the submission, and apologies that this has taken a while to reach completion! 

Best wishes,

Samuel Dedman (SUSU VP Education 2017-19,

Friday 22nd Mar 2019 2:17pm

Hi Corin, 

Thanks again for bearing with me on this one. I'm pleased to say that the cards required for a limited trial are on the way, and we're currently aiming to launch something either just before or just after the upcoming vacation period. 

I'll be in touch again once I have the cards on my desk and we have worked out how we are handing them out.

Best wishes, 

Samuel Dedman (SUSU VP Education 2017-19,

Wednesday 13th Mar 2019 9:15am

Hi Corin, 

Thanks for the submission, and apologies for the delay in response. The good news is that we currently have a limited trial of a discount card in the works, which we hope to be announcing more about in the next few weeks should a few internal conversations go smoothly. I'm going to keep this submission open until more details are available, so please keep an eye out for further updates. 

If you have any questions please let me know. 

All the best,

Samuel Dedman

(VP Education 2017-19,

Friday 8th Feb 2019 3:49pm

Hi Corin,

Thanks so much for this You Make Change! I will liaise with the relevant staff members and see how an initiative such as this could be rolled out at union outlets! In the meantime, don't hesistate to contact me via!

All the best,

Fleur Elizabeth Walsh

VP Engagement 

Monday 3rd Dec 2018 2:54pm


  • Forwarded to Union President
    Friday 14th Sep 2018 3:51pm


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