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Have events for non drinkers in freshers

I think there should be more events for non drinkers who don’t want to go out clubbing. A large number of students don’t drink anymore (1/5) and I feel the student union doesn’t cater to these types of people. I felt my freshers experience was very isolating and lonely because of this and many people who I’ve talked to have had the same issue. 

I think you should have more events both in the day and in the evening which these people can attend and that these events should be given just as much marketing as the drinking events. 

Submitted on Saturday 6th October 2018


Hi Yasmin, 

I hope this reaches you well! Thank you for this YMC submission. After reaching out to the relevant staff, Union Services have provided this statement:

"Thank you for your YMC submission. This year’s Freshers programme was a complete change to previous years. We listened to our students regarding value for money and variety and we feel we provided an eclectic programme that ‘had something for everyone’. We offered; live comedy, laser quest, a giant ball pit, silent discos, roller discos, live music, crazy golf, 10 different film screenings, as well as the usual club night experiences, just to name a few. We’d be really interested in hearing suggestions of alternative events, which may be more suitable to your tastes. Did you hear about all the events and activities? Could we do something better with our marketing? Again, thanks for taking the time to message us. We’re always open to ideas and suggestions."

Moving forward, we're looking to host more non-alcoholic events in the future, possibly including another Big Night In event during refreshers!

If you have any feedback you'd like to provide, please don't hesitate to email me at! I look forward to hearing from you.


All the best,

Fleur Elizabeth Walsh

VP Engagement


Tuesday 16th Oct 2018 11:33am


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    Thursday 11th Oct 2018 10:50am


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