Why are societies breaking GDPR laws?

Anonymous submitted on

Tuesday 9th October 2018


It's fresher's season, and society membership is booming as are our inboxes once we've signed up to a few societies. We live in an age of strict data protection laws - and yet almost every email I've recieved has had 100+ people on the to line.

It's not hard to train all societies to use Bcc, or to set up a centralised mailing list system. It should be a rule that all societies undertake this training. It's the law and right now, many of your societies' secretaries and presidents are in danger of actual jail time by breaking these laws.

Educate. Legislate. Improve.

Please. For the sake of my inbox, for the sake of our privacy, and for the sake of every society exec that is liable under law.


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Evie Reilly submitted on

Friday 25th January 2019


Hi, thank you for your query, 

The Union provides all Clubs and Societies with an online profile that lists all of their current members. This has the function to email all members, without sharing personal contacts between recipients. The Union asked all Clubs and Societies to make use of this function prior to the start of this academic year (it has been in place for a number of years) and will be reiterating this in an email to be sent to Committees shortly.

In the limited instances where Clubs and Societies are utilising other mail systems, we will reiterate that the requirement to ensure that personal details are not shared. If you become aware of any Club or Society failing to follow this guidance, please email activities@susu.org confirming the specific Club or Society and we will ensure it is addressed directly.

Many thanks,