How much to external teams pay to hire a football pitch at widelane?

Anonymous submitted on

Friday 12th October 2018


I have noticed other teams playing on Wide Lane pitches who aren't from the University of Southampton. I am curious as to how much these team pay to hire a pitch? Do they have to have £110 sport and well being per player or is it a flatrate fee per team per match?


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Steve Gore submitted on

Friday 19th October 2018


Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for your submission.

I have spoken to Sport and Wellbeing regarding this and they have confirmed that the cost to hire a pitch at Wide Lane is £84.05 per match for a grass pitch and £98.01 per hour for the 3G pitch. Students are able to hire a pitch at a discounted rate if they enquire, but Sport and Wellbeing members are able to access these facilities for no extra cost through casual bookings and IM fixtures.

Best wishes,

Steve Gore, VP Sports

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