Susu president, disoplinory

Samuel Harris submitted on

Friday 26th October 2018


I was wondering what disoplinory action Emily Dawes will be facing for bringing the student population and the university into disrapute will be. 

I would hilight that I find the personal attacks, bullying, and threats on social media and in the tabloid papers, that have been directed towards her abhorrent. I also note that the vast majority of the comments no not come from the student body. And i still belive thay they are abhorrent dispite her own use of bullying tactics on social media against a member of staff at the university. 

The fact still stands though that she has brought the university and the students union into disrepute, misusing the offishal pages of the president of susu and falsely claming she is representing our views. 

If you could inform me of the disoplinory procedure that have been or will be undertaken.


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Steve Gore submitted on

Wednesday 19th December 2018


Hi Anon,

Thank you for your suggestion, and apologies for the length of time it has taken to conclude this You Make Change.

The Students' Union has always been clear that we do not support Emily's comment in question as we recognise that it was deeply insensitive and inappropriate. Following on from the incident, SUSU carried out an internal investigation into whether there was a breach of our HR policy at which point Emily made the decision to resign from her post. Unfortunately due to the confidential nature of these proceedings this is all I know and this is also all I am legally allowed to disclose. We will always challenge extremist or inflammatory language where we find it, in line with our rules and procedures.

If you have any further concerns regarding this please feel free to email me at

Best wishes,

Steve Gore, Acting President