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ask Jubilee to add a current numbers in counter for the gym

It's not hard to do! Puregym etc do it. Have a number somewhere on the website of how many people are currently in the gym. or failing that a webcam or something

Submitted on Saturday 10th November 2018


Hi Pav,

Thank you for your suggestion.

Sport and Wellbeing are very keen to get live data going in the gym, but unfortunately this is beyond the capability of what their current CRM (customer-relationship management) system can provide. S&W went out to tender for a new CRM system provider last year that was almost implemented before it became clear that the company could not meet the promises they had made. As it currently stands there is some uncertainty on when S&W will go out to tender for a new provider but they are hoping to do this within the next year. Any new CRM system will be likely to include this feature as they are very aware of the problems with managing the numbers in the gym. With regards to webcams - there are privacy issues here that mean that S&W are uncomfortable to consider implementing this.

Although this isn't something that is currently possible, S&W management will explore any feasible options as soon as they become available. SUSU will also continue to lobby S&W to implement this as soon as possible.

Best wishes,

Steve Gore, VP Sports

Tuesday 18th Dec 2018 3:12pm


  • Forwarded to Sports Development
    Friday 16th Nov 2018 1:10pm


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