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Provide gluten-free options on campus

The shop doesn't sell any gluten free sandwiches/lunches. And the places selling hot food (piazza, bridge etc) are also very limited, particularly if you are vegan as well like me (due to allergies). If I forgot to make lunch or don't expect to be on campus, I have had to resort to 2 packets of crisps as a meal because there is nothing else I can eat in the shop!

Submitted on Monday 12th November 2018


Hi Katie,

Thank you for your suggestion.

I have spoken to our catering manager regarding this who has responded with this: "We will shortly be reviewing and changing the menu on offer in the Birdge, and as part of this we are looking to introduce several new gluten free options and also want to change the evening menu to incorporate healthier options which also cater for various dietary requirements. We used to sell gluten free rolls in the shop but we removed them due to poor sales. We do however currently sell a range of gluten free salads including two vegan ones plus you can pick up a baked potato with vegan butter and beans as well."

To summarise, we will be offering more gluten free options in the Bridge soon, but we don't currently have plans to expand the shop range which has recently seen additional gluten free options added. If you have any specific suggestions regarding what you want to see on offer in the shop, please don't hesitate to let me know by emailing me at

Best wishes,

Steve Gore, VP Sports

Wednesday 19th Dec 2018 12:50pm


  • Forwarded to Sports Development
    Friday 16th Nov 2018 1:14pm


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  • I can totally relate to that, also true for lactose intolerance 

    Submitted on Friday 16th November 2018 15:41 by Mauro Camara Escudero