Student Groups Committee (4th February 2015)


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Name of Committee Student Groups Committee
Date and time 4th February 2015, 14:00
Place Meeting Room 2
Present Members
Vice President Democracy and Creative Industries Megan Downing
Clubs and Societies Officer Chris McGeehan
Education Zone Representative Michael Sims
Sustainability Zone Representative Natalie Rowell
Student Communities Zone Representative Jithin Mullappillil
In Attendance
(non-voting officers and staff)
Student Activities Manager Nic Eldred
Democracy Assistant Katie Ng
Democracy Coordinator Guy Drury
Absent with Apologies Student Life Zone Representative Charlotte Pollins
Creative Industries Zone Representative Jamie Hanna
Performing Arts Officer Anna Kent - Muller
External Engagement Zone Representative Catriona Rawlins

Actions and Decisions

Action Create a Your Skills drop in session for student groups on the topic of applying for funding Megan Downing
Action Follow up on SUSU Bank with John Mills Megan Downing, Nic Eldred
Decision Northern Irish Society was affiliated.
Action Post on Facebook group re. minibus fee waiver Chris McGeehan
1. Apologies and Attendance

Chris welcomed everyone to the meeting.

  • Apologies were received from Catriona Rawlins, Charlotte Pollins, Jamie Hanna and Anna Kent-Muller.
  • Due to an admin error, David Lawrence was not informed of this meeting.


2. Approval of Minutes from last meeting (Wednesday 10th December 2014)

The minutes were approved by the committee.

3. Funding: dates

Student Groups have asked that Funding round 1 could be held before the Summer term ends so that applying for funding can be included in committee hand-overs. In order to do this, the final round of funding would need to start now; staff have said that this is possible. The proposed dates put forward are:

Funding round 3 - opening now and closing on 18th February

Zone Committee Funding meetings - 18th February - 4th March

Money awarded - 6th March

Funding round 1 - opening on 2nd May

Megan said she will promote opening and closing times of round 3 and also create a Your Skills session to assist groups who need help completing applications. 

Action Create a Your Skills drop in session for student groups on the topic of applying for funding (Megan Downing)
4. Funding : policy

Guy explained that the report on student groups economy that was expected to be released at the end of December has not been completed yet, and so there has been no progress yet on creating a funding policy. However, the aim is to bring a policy towards the end of the term.

Chris asked if there had been progress on the SUSU Bank; Nic explained that he was waiting for a timeline from the Head of Finance.  

Action Follow up on SUSU Bank with John Mills (Megan Downing, Nic Eldred)
5. Northern Irish society: re-affiliation

The Northern Irish Society were disaffiliated in the last meeting; their committee information had not been updated and so Jithin had been unable to contact the correct student. The group have since restarted and are now active. 

The committee moved to a vote; 4 voted for. This group was AFFILIATED.

Decision Northern Irish Society was affiliated.
6. Winchester: minibus hire

Chris has proposed putting forward a policy that waives the fee of hiring a SUSU minibus for student groups going to Winchester for events. 

He asked the group if any student groups have had any issues, or raised concerns about travelling to and from Winchester. Natalie said that a few of her groups are interested in doing more events and activities in Winchester. As not all members of the committee are present, he will post on the Facebook group to get more feedback.

Action Post on Facebook group re. minibus fee waiver (Chris McGeehan)
Any other business
7. Date of next meeting

There was no other business. The next meeting will be an affiliation meeting and will be held on Wednesday 18th March at 2pm, in Meeting Room 2.

Key: P (Papers Provided), PF (Papers to Follow)