Creative Industries Zone (27th October 2015)


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Name of Committee Creative Industries Zone
Date and time 27th October 2015, 10:00
Place Meeting Room 1
Present Members
Vice President Democracy and Creative Industries Kerry Sclater
SUSUtv Station Manager Christopher Evans
Creative Industries Zone Student Group Rep Samantha Standley
Wessex Scene Editor Bridie Pearson-Jones
Surge Radio Station Manager Dan Linstead
The Edge Editor Natalie Fordham
Union Council Representative (Student Groups Officer) Catriona Philip
Union Council Representative (Union Councillor) William Garside
Absent with Apologies Union President Ben Franklin
Performing Arts Student Groups Rep Rebecca Griffin

Actions and Decisions

Decision The new positions bought to the meeting from Bridie Pearson Jones were approved by 6/6 voting members.
Action Email invoice from The Joiners to Charlotte Cloud Natalie Fordham
Action CI zone to think about development goals and agree by the next funding meeting. Christopher Evans, Samantha Standley, Bridie Pearson-Jones, Dan Linstead, Rebecca Griffin, Natalie Fordham, Christina Vinothan, Catriona Philip, William Garside
Action Speak to Christina about the feedback re item 6.4 to gather more information Dan Linstead
Action Arrange a meeting as per item 6.7 Kerry Sclater
Action Contact everyone to get ideas for Careers Season Charlotte Cloud
Welcome to meeting
1. Apologies

1.1 Kerry Sclater (KS) welcomed everyone to the first meeting and everyone introduced themselves.

1.2 Rebecca Griffin (RG), PA Officer sends her apologies.

Officer Updates
2. Performing Arts

2.1 In RG's absence, Catriona Philip (CP) gave Performing Arts' update.

2.2 PA cards have been ordered which will give great discounts on places, including The Edge nightclub, Nuffield Theatre, The Bridge and Playzone. CP thanked Natalie Fordham (NF) as it was the designer from The Edge who designed the cards for PA.

2.3 PA have started blogging and now have snapchat which is SUSUPERFORM.

2.4 PA Winter Warmer is scheduled for 13th December and more details will follow.


3. Creative Services

3.1 Daniel Linstead (DL) started by saying Union Films have had some fantastic films, most of which have been sellouts. The chairs in the cinema have been finalised and should be ready by Easter.

3.2 The Edge have distributed their entire first issue, and Wessex Scene have got one box left which is due to be taken to WSA by Anjit Aulakh (AA) when he next goes to distribute them. NF added that The Edge have a gig at the Joiners next week and wanted to know how we pay the invoice. Charlotte Cloud (CC) advised NF to email the invoice to her.

3.3 Surge found the training day very useful and they have taken lots from it. DL has written a new form for completion when a group or society wishes to use Surge for an O.B. All they need to do it fill it in and DL or his assistant Andy can go through it to see what their requirements are.

3.4 SUSUtv are doing lots of videos. They have done several Freshers videos and events with live crews, all of which have been well received and some of which have attaracted over 500 views so far.

Action Email invoice from The Joiners to Charlotte Cloud (Natalie Fordham)
4. Creative Industries Societies

4.1 Samantha Standley (SS) told everyone of the collaboration between the Creative Industries Zone and other Zones, which is working really well. Rock Soc, Mature Soc and Steampunk recently did a social in Winchester. SS is keen to get more groups and societies collaborating.

Creative Industries Zone and Development goal-setting and year plan
5. CI zone Facebook and Branding

5.1 CC wants the committee to create 3 main goals for future planning, and referred everyone to the 2015 plan. CC asked everyone to focus on projects and goals for the year.

5.2 KS suggested accessibility; looking at reaching out to secure members outside the norm. She also suggested we aim to achieve National recognition. PA are looking to grow their award ceremony (SIPAA) and take it beyond Southampton.

5.3 We have the branding and logo for Creative Industries, which has contributed to the success of the Creative Industries facebook page. SS voiced her concerns that facebook only allow you to invite a certain amount of people to an event so this might leave people out.

5.4 Bridie Pearson-Jones (BPJ) would like to see a Creative Industries social, like with AU socials on Wednesdays. Could Creative Industries have an evening where everyone gets together?

5.5 When talking about the action plan for 2015, Chris Evans (CE) said advertising positions might need to be amended so people know what they are signing up for.

5.6 SS asked if we can train Photo soc up to take photos at events, they currently charge for their services which has had some issues in the past. KS mentioned that they have a new committee this year and added that it is a good opportunity to have a discussion with them. It might be beneficial to them to create a document which shows where their money goes. CP advised the committee that as far as she knew, the individuals from Photo soc keep the money as a form of payment.

5.7 CE said there needs to be a clear distinction between what a volunteering opportunity is and what a paid opportunity is. From the point of SUSUtv's view, something with a brief would be paid but something where they are expected to have creative in-put would be more of a volunteering one. CC advised him that where we are a charity, we need to be very careful. It becomes difficult when some people are wanting to be paid, when as a charity we are already funding them. KS said our goal is to recognise skillsets and work with those.

5.8 Everyone is to have 3 goals by the next meeting.

Action CI zone to think about development goals and agree by the next funding meeting. (Christopher Evans, Samantha Standley, Bridie Pearson-Jones, Dan Linstead, Rebecca Griffin, Natalie Fordham, Christina Vinothan, Catriona Philip, William Garside)
Freshers' and Induction Feedback
6. Creative Services Representative's collated feedback

6.1 KS handed out the feedback on behalf of Union Groups. BPJ wanted to highlight that most of the issues aren't specifically relating to the CI zone. The first item addressed was the Union Fayre  - the fact it was a new event meant a lack of clarity of who had ownership, but now we know who to contact these problems hopefully won't occur in the future.

6.2 DL added he is still unsure what the Union Fayre is for, as we already have Bunfight and Freshers. KS cleared up any confusion by telling everyone the Union Fayre was to introduce Freshers to the Union and show them everything we offer. Surge were selected to take part as they can provide a great atmosphere on the day, and Union Films because they are a service the students could use.

6.3 DL's issue was that he was only notified on Saturday, when the event was on the Monday. There was a lack of clarity about who was asked to invite the groups.

6.4 KS asked DL to give details about who was rude to Union Films, which he provided, but he will also ask Christina Vinothan (CV) for more specific information.

6.5 KS stated no one should feel obligated to do every event.

6.6 NF asked why they weren't given all the information about every event. KS replied by saying there is always something going on every day, and we simply do not have the staff power to fulfil that request. It is very difficult to draw the line between knowing what to send out and what to allow people to find for themselves.

6.7 The next point on the feedback was to do with the Bunfight - DL collected his passes at 8pm as instructed and was under the impression he was able to set up their table. However, he stated that when they went down to set up, the tables weren't even out and the way in which he was spoken to was unacceptable. KS will arrange a meeting to try to resolve any issues.

6.8 The issue with iPads isn't clear, KS booked them 3 weeks in advance.

6.9 DL was unhappy with the fact that they were put in Bar 2, and not in Garden Court with the other Creative Industries societies. Not only that, but all the advertising was wrong and told potential members to go to Garden Court. KS explained this was nothing personal but simply a case of not having enough space in Garden Court to hold everyone, and that media groups had previously expressed prefeerence to Bar 2. DL appreciated this, but it would have been nice if the advertising was accurate and didn't lead people to the wrong place.

6.10 KS assurred everyone that the Chief Executive had been made aware of an issue raised, which DL was satisfied with.

6.11 DL suggested a list of core staff members would be useful for everyone to have if they needed to direct a problem to or suggest who would be best to talk to for advice about a zone. SS added to this by suggesting we brief all societies about who to contact. Different coloured tops might help differentiate between core staff and support staff.

6.12 CP said we need more staff for the Bunfight, as support staff were very much the faces of it this year. More prior planning is required. CC added we would like Garden Court again next year as well as Hartley Suite so we can accommodate all the Creative Industries' groups and societies.

6.13 KS asked the committee if anyone had any issues with merdchandise for the Bunfight or Freshers this year. CE noted that the stress balls for SUSUtv were late and so he couldn't hand them out. BPJ added that Wessex Scene's notepads were also late, along with the Freshers issue of Wessex Scene. KS agreed the lateness of the magazine was annoying and although we always receive proof of receipt, there is no explanation for the lateness.

6.14 KS reminded people to order their clothing earlier if the orders were going to be particularly large. CE is not happy with the service from SUSU when it comes to ordering clothing, he told of how he will spend time researching prices, only to be told not to use that company and he had to go with someone else. CE suggested we strike a deal with one company who can then be our sole supplier, thus making it easier to track down orders if they go awry. He added, the process needs to be sped up and there needs to be more transparency from SUSU around orders. 

6.14 The last issue the committee addressed was that DL feels SUSU should approach the students more, as opposed to the students constantly approaching them to ask to be involved with things. KS suggested this might be something to think about in the Student Media Review.

Action Speak to Christina about the feedback re item 6.4 to gather more information (Dan Linstead)
Action Arrange a meeting as per item 6.7 (Kerry Sclater)
Student Media Review
7. Update

7.1 The progress of the Student Media Review has been somewhat slowed down due to the Referendum. KS handed out a survey to everyone for some feedback.  

7.2 The biggest thing we need to work on is the relationship between the students and SUSU. It might be wise to have a forum? The paper is included for this.

7.3 CE asked to what extent can we tell SUSU staff how to do their job? He wanted to know if he had the authority to tell someone when what they are proposing won't work. KS answered by saying he is entitled to speak up, especially when the piece of work is a collaborative piece.


Resource Allocation
8. Overview and feedback

8.1 The main areas to discuss are space, allocation of bookings and funding.

8.2 An issue has arisen whereby we are being asked for funding for Musical Directors to pay students. This is not fair when we do not pay other volunteers, for arguably, putting in far more hours. If it supplements their education then they should not be paid.

8.3 KS advised all that an individual had tried to block book 48 hours of space between now and Christmas. KS  feels we should put something in place to say that only 5 hours per week can be booked to ensure everyone gets a fair chance.

8.4 We have people not turning up to their bookings or are turning up fairly late. This needs to be monitored closely.

9. Funding - dates for next round

9.1 The application for funding dates are 6th November-29th November. The committee will then meet between 29th - 11th December to decide upon the amounts being distributed. The money will be paid into the bank accounts of the societies on 8th January 2016.

9.2 The committee discussed drop-ins about the process of the application for funding. SS doesnt feel that people would turn up if this was something offered. CP suggested to send out a 'how to' to everyone, as it isn't always clear which pot the application needs to go in. She asked if we could have examples of good and bad applications so people can see what we are expecting from them. CP feels we should be spoon feeding them so they do the applications.


Careers Season
10. Project Group Initiation

10.1 We have the artwork back for Careers Season, which will run from Monday 23rd November - Friday 4th December. We have a good idea of what people want from it, but KS asked the committee if they know anyone who might want to be involved to let us know.

10.2 The project initiation group will pull everything together and ensure that we include as much as possible of what people want to see.

10.3 CC went through the areas we are covering: Technology, Performing, Broadcast, Writing, Art/Design and Marketing.

10.4 CP feels the 'Performing' needs to cover more aspects than just performing. It needs to incorporate theatre management and directing. It was decided that this area would now be called 'Working in Performing Arts'.

10.5 SS asked if we could have any music promotion companies to come and do a session on how to run and promote a gig.

10.6 CE gave an initial idea of having a panel of SUSUtv alumni to de-mistify getting into the industry.

10.7 CC will contact everyone separately to get ideas.

10.8 BPJ asked for a session on multi-media journalism.

Action Contact everyone to get ideas for Careers Season (Charlotte Cloud)
11. Items to be sent to Sarah Lock by the deadline set, as per each zone meeting.

11.1 BPJ bought a paper to the meeting to create some new positions within Wessex Scene. She explained the reasons behind the need for said positions, as explained in the paper attached to the minutes. KS clarified the process and said we need it to be written in by-law, then go to the Democracy Zone.

11.2 KS put the suggestion of the new positions to the vote and 6/6 voting members voted for approving them.

11.3 KS thanked everyone for a successful first meeting.

11.4 Sarah Lock (SL) will contact people for the next meeting in a few weeks.



Decision The new positions bought to the meeting from Bridie Pearson Jones were approved by 6/6 voting members.

Key: P (Papers Provided), PF (Papers to Follow)