Creative Industries Zone (10th December 2015)


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Name of Committee Creative Industries Zone
Date and time 10th December 2015, 13:30
Place Meeting Room 1
Present Members
Vice President Democracy and Creative Industries Kerry Sclater
Union President Ben Franklin
SUSUtv Station Manager Christopher Evans
Wessex Scene Editor Bridie Pearson-Jones
Surge Radio Station Manager Dan Linstead
Performing Arts Student Groups Rep Rebecca Griffin
Union Council Representative (Union Councillor) William Garside
In Attendance
(non-voting officers and staff)
Creative Industries Zone Co-ordinator Charlotte Cloud
Student Activities Assistant Sarah Lock
Absent with Apologies Creative Industries Zone Student Group Rep Samantha Standley
Union Films Cinema Manager Christina Vinothan
Union Council Representative (Student Groups Officer) Catriona Philip
Absent without Apologies The Edge Editor Natalie Fordham

Actions and Decisions

Action Add WG to the Facebook group Sarah Lock
Action Get in touch with University of Portsmouth Dance Club to arrange something for Varsity Rebecca Griffin
Action Speak to Brass Band about Varsity William Garside
Action Send Bridie content for the Mail Chimp to go ouot to Wessex Scene contacts Charlotte Cloud
Action Look at availability on the Concourse as per item 8.2 Sarah Lock
Action Speak to Charles about arranging some funding sessions Ben Franklin
Action Find out if SUSU will subsidise the social Charlotte Cloud
1. VPDCI welcomes all to the meeting and reads apologies

1.1 KS read out the apologies, as listed above.

1.2 CC reminded everyone to come up with three development goals, suggesting one which has come up a lot is collaboration. KS said the Facebook group for the committee would be the best place for everyone to discuss these ideas. William Garside (WS) would like to be added to the group, which KS will do.

1.3 DL clarified that they were happy with their position in Bar 2 for the Bunfight, it was simply the communication they were disappointed with.

1.4 CC updated everyone about the late delivery with the publications; we told them we would not pay them until their customer service improved, and since then the company have dissolved which means we no longer need to pay them at all. We have a new company who, so far, have been very good.

1.5 The minutes were approved.


Action Add WG to the Facebook group (Sarah Lock)
Officer Updates
2. Performing Arts

2.1 Rebecca Griffin (RG) has been very happy with the engagement within Performing Arts (PA). Winter Warmer sign-ups have been successful as a result of this.

2.2 The Music Lesson project is coming along nicely, which will see music students offering lessons to their peers.

2.3 RG will be sending out surveys for the PA review shortly.

2.4 RG is making good progress with SIPA and is currently emailing everyone who has shown interest.

3. Creative Industries Societies Rep

3.1 KS will have a catch up with Samantha Standley (SS) who has sent her apologies for today's meeting.

4. Creative Services Rep

4.1 Union Question Time's content was very good and well received.

4.2 SUSUtv workshop and careers panel in the Creative Industries Careers Season was excellent and enjoyed by all attendees. Christopher Evans (CE) thanked CC for all her support in setting up the event, which inspired many of their members. CE reported SUSUtv had excellent feedback from the University with it's work on Jailbreak. They provided updates on the teams' progress which was closely monitored by all those involved.The Christmas broadcast and live shows had a few technical difficulties but enabled the SUSUtv team to establish some great links with people. The recent 'Have I got news for you' event in The Bridge worked very well and there has been call for a 2nd edition. CE finished by saying that although they are not currently actively recruiting, they are still receiving new members each week.

4.3 Wessex Scene has received great feedback for it's work this year and have more than doubled their readership. Following on from the previous meeting, Bridie Pearson Jones (BPJ) has now appointed the new executives. As with SUSUtv, Wessex Scene are welcoming new members each week.

4.4 Surge went to the SRA's in November and although they didn't win anything it was a good night for networking. The new OB form is working well, which was put in place after the last meeting. Surge were asked to play at the Chrismas Ball for the first time, plus they had 10-12 DJs playing at the light switch on.

4.5 Union Films showed Mockingjay recently which saw huge success, and several sell-out nights.

4.6 The Edge are working with SUSUtv and combining columns and features.

5. Creative Industries Festival

5.1 CC announced the exciting news that Creative Industries have been asked to be a part of this year's Varsity. The plan is to encourage the student body to go and offer something alongside sport. CC opened it up to the committee for ideas of what people might want to do.

5.2 The final match will be held at St Marys Stadium, and the idea of putting together a closing ceremony went down very well. CE suggested doing a half time show and fireworks. He felt it would be better to focus on one big event rather than spread ourselves thin and try to get to every match. He thought the final would be the best one to go to.

5.3 CC asked RG to get in touch with University of Portsmouth Dance Club to try and arrange some form of dance off.

5.4 When asked of their thoughts about Brass Band performing, WG offered to speak to them regarding this.

5.5 CC asked everyone to email her with their ideas. BPJ thinks a Student Leader Sports Day for those who aren't sporty within Media would be enjoyed by most.

Action Get in touch with University of Portsmouth Dance Club to arrange something for Varsity (Rebecca Griffin)
Action Speak to Brass Band about Varsity (William Garside)
Student Media Review
6. Update on feedback

6.1 KS told of her disappointment with only receiving 14 responses. Most of which were contradictory, but can still be used for future information. KS proceeded to feed back the results to the committee.

6.2 After Christmas, there will be a focus group session. KS will meet with DL before-hand to go through some of the issues raised. Something which will need to be addressed is ownership; we need to identify so that there are no crossed wires with any work.

6.3 DL was sad that not many people had responded, and BPJ suggested one last push to try and get some more responses. KS felt the only problem with that would be knowing when to stop. CE suggested leaving it there for the time being and directing our efforts into any future  Mid-semester feedback might be an idea, KS thinks a Media committee to try and centralise things would also work.


Creative Industries Careers Season
7. De-brief

7.1 CE provided some constructive feedback regarding the advertising of the events. He had a few issues with finding the session times on Facebook as they kept getting lost in the feed. Within the main event page, the description was not updated once the season had started which confused a few people. Too many links on the page was information overload. Next time, he suggested to have an event on Facebook for each individual session, making it far clearer to search for information. Also something he felt would be helpful for students to plan their time would be to release the calendar for the entire season and not day by day. DL added that the overall brand was good but possibly having a logo for each individual industry would have been more helpful. KS replied by saying that is what we tried to do, by introducing the various colours. Perhaps this was a little more subtle than we had intended.

7.2 BPJ liked the sessions she attended but felt that December isn't the best time to hold the season. KS agreed, adding that February might be a better time. CC has created a Mail Chimp and advised everyone to sign up to it. CC will send BPJ the content so she can send it out to all those on the Wessex Scene Mail Chimp.

7.3 It was felt that 2 weeks is too long for the season as it is too spread out. DL suggested having more condensed days to encourage more people to go along. PA schedule in December is too busy which could also pose a problem for professionals in that industry to come in and hold a session.

7.4 BPJ thinks it could possibly work better if the sessions were divided into industry.

7.5 CC advised that we have a Creative Industries Employability Researcher who will work as an intern for us to collate all the resources in one place. The plan is to provide a hub for the Creative Industries.

7.6 CE was satisfied with the times of the sessions. 6pm - 8pm worked well for him.

Action Send Bridie content for the Mail Chimp to go ouot to Wessex Scene contacts (Charlotte Cloud)
8. Discuss dates for 2016 Showcase

8.1 The best potential time for the Showcase in 2016 is in January, which will overlap with re-freshers. The Concourse was deemed the most suitable place, particularly by CE who felt it worked really well last year with the set up for SUSUtv.

8.2 SL will look at the availability for the Concourse during this time.

8.3 It would be good to have something quite interactive, like Salsa did last time - inviting people up to learn a few moves. CC would like people to email her with their ideas of how to make this a great event.


Action Look at availability on the Concourse as per item 8.2 (Sarah Lock)
Surge Winchester Executive
9. New position put forward by Daniel Linstead

9.1 DL informed the committee of the role of his proposed Winchester Executive. He wants someone who is based in Winchester and has good knowledge of WSA.

9.2 When put to the vote, all voted in favour of approving this position. KS advised the next step would be to take the proposal to the democracy meeting.

10. Feedback from the latest round

10.1 DL feels that before groups and societies request money, they should look at their own income and what they are charging their members. He used Pottery Society as a good example, who break down the incomes and where every penny goes.

10.2 KS feels that when the SUSU bank is up and running, it will be easier to account for the money in the future.

10.3 We hold funding and budget sessions during the Creative Industries Induction but Benjamin Franklin (BF) suggested we could ask Charles to hold some sessions throughout the year to save the same errors being made. BF will speak to Charles about making this happen.

10.4 KS clarified a few rules surrounding a couple of the applications. In the future, it would be good if they could add which societies are benefitting from the funding.

Action Speak to Charles about arranging some funding sessions (Ben Franklin)
11. Zone Social

11.1 KS asked if a Creative Industries Zone social would be well-received. Everyone liked the Laser Tag social which was apart of the induction, but KS would like the students to take more of a lead on the organisation of the social next time.

11.2 DL asked if SUSU would subsidise the social, this is something CC will look into.

11.3 BPJ thinks if it is held on the same night as the showcase, this would maximise attendance, but added that we all need to be a part of advertising and pushing it.

11.4 CC asked if we could put this on the box office?


Action Find out if SUSU will subsidise the social (Charlotte Cloud)
12. Stage Soc Funding

12.1 There is no money in the budget for Stage Soc Maintenance, however there have been a fair amount of withdrawals from this budget code. We need to know if we can include this in the budget review in January. £1,400 was spent last year against this code but it needs to be separate, or at the very least included in the PA budget.

13. Spring Elections

13.1 KS announced the dates for the Spring Elections:

       Nominations: 28th January - 12th February

       Debates: 18th and 19th February

       Online Campaign: 19th February

       Physical Campaign: 22nd February

       Voting Week: 29th February - 4th March

       Q&A: 1st March

       Elections: 4th March

13.2 KS advised that they are trying something slightly different this year. Rather than the normal carvery, they are going to go along the lines of a sit down meal which will lead into the results evening.

13.3 BPJ suggested a joint Media meeting beforehand so they can allocate jobs.

13.4 DL feels the whole evening is planned around SUSUtv and would like Surge and other groups to have more of an impact. KS informed DL that this is something which would be covered in a media meeting.

13.5 BPJ wanted clarification in that candidates are not allowed to use their current position to promote themselves. KS confirmed that this was the case.


14. Recent articles about SUSU

14.1 KS addressed the recent article published by the Soton Tab. BF assurred everyone that the items in the letter are being dealt with or have already been addressed and sorted out. He added how proud he is of Media and Creative Industries for their contributions and the manner in which they are holding themselves during this stressful time.

14.2 CE asked if the report was allowed to include DL's name.

Key: P (Papers Provided), PF (Papers to Follow)