Creative Industries Zone (21st February 2017)


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Name of Committee Creative Industries Zone
Date and time 21st February 2017, 10:00
Place Meeting Room 1
Present Members
Voluntary Officer Rebecca James
Vice President Education Elliot Grater
Vice President Democracy and Creative Industries Cameron Meldrum
Performing Arts Student Groups Rep George Smith
SUSUtv Station Manager Alex Smith
Surge Radio Station Manager Toby Leveson
The Edge Editor Anneka Honeyball
Absent with Apologies Student Activities Manager Nic Eldred
Union President Alex Hovden
Wessex Scene Editor Alice Hearing
Open Place Member Chrysta Coker-Strickland
Union Films Cinema Manager Evie Reilly
Open Place Member Polly Marquis
Absent without Apologies Creative Industries Zone Student Group Rep Christopher Wright

Actions and Decisions

Decision Behind The Scene's (Team/Collaboration) Award
Action To ask Student Communities for a joint zone meeting after elections Cameron Meldrum, Jamie Ford
1. Welcome & Apologies
  • CM welcomes the committee and in particular welcomes EG, VP Education as his first CI zone meeting. 
  • Apologies: Chrysta, Evie. 
Approval of previous minutes
2. As above
  • All minutes approved from previous meeting 14/12/16
Officer Updates
3. VP DCI - Cameron Meldrum
  • Introduction of careers sessions: 6th - 17th March 2017
  • Explanation of each session: 6th March: Jon Sopel, 7th March: Lorelei Reddin (Daily Echo) review writing, 8th March: Marketing with Sophie Delaporte and Celestine (JCI Southampton), 10th March: Media Law training, 14th March: WSA LinkedIn Lab, 15th March: Graphics Desin, 16th March: WSA LinkedIn Lab, 17th March: Fashion Design at WSA.
  • CM explained importance of Media Law training to committee members in the room
  • Further explanation in the media committee meeting later that day
4. Wessex Scene - Alice Hearing

TL filling in on AH's absence and fills the committee in with the following:

  • AGM took place the day before with a newly elected features editor
  • Issue 3 coming out this week with issue 4 in the pipeline which includes interview candidates for elections.
  • Plans for writers training event in motion
  • Getting prepared for coverage of Varsity - 18th March 2017
  • Recent appearance in SPA's flash Friday
5. Surge - Toby Leveson
  • The Vice-Chancellor for University of Southampton was interviewd in the prior week. TL notes this was a success.
  • Currently in the process of big election planning
  • Varsity planning: seeing what coverage is possible in Portsmouth
  • Collaboration with theatre group: satire
  • Shows for semester 2: TL explains Surge are currently being forced to turn people down which isn't a nice thing to do, but a positive show of the demand and heavy current involvement within Surge Radio. 
  • Varsity planning:
  • Issues for press passes
  • AS adds he spoke to Porstmouth TV in hope for collaboration or press passes
  • TL meeting with Tom to discuss plans. Big varsity meeting with tech has taken place.
6. SUSUtv - Alex Smith
  • Redesign of the website and logo went out in January. This has had a positive effect and was a sucess. AS adds they've had decent videos come out of it. 
  • Elections coming up, and everything with relevance to this is scheduled: meet the candidates, live show on Sunday for a dance competition (Jubilee Sports Hall). 
  • Struggling to get people to sign up for the dance competition as it's a hugely busy week. 
  • (at this point George Smith arrives)
  • NaSTA submissions
  • CM notes that categories have changed
  • AS adds there is no guidance
  • 4 or 5 submissions for NaSTA already complete and more to come. 
  • Varsity coming up too.
7. The Edge - Anneka Honeyball
  • A big milestone hit: 10,000 articles
  • Issue 4 due out the following week
  • An exciting point of issue 4: Denzel Washington interview/Q&A. 
  • Current processes of planning, in the Stag's watching Oscars
  • Edgetival coming up: a live music event at The Talking Heads on 2nd March
  • Student film festival at the end of March: currently attending to any remit problems
  • Design currently underway
8. Performing Arts - George Smith
  • Performances going very well. Nuffield / The Mikado performance was a success. Finances yet to be calculated to determine loss, break even or profit. 
  • PA opened pitches last week; not much interest at the moment
  • Save the date event
  • Currently opening a list of nominations to PA members for Awards - PA ball.
  • Date for PA AGM confirmed: 26th April 2017. A few days before PA ball. 
  • Introduction of rewritten PA funding guidelines - George to revisit later in the meeting. GS begins by explaining the concept and why to introduce before explaining later in the meeting. 
9. Specific Zone Award to be decided among the committee (e.g. PA Event Of The Year, Best Academic Rep, Initiative Of The Year etc.)
  1. CM updates the committee on the concept: award specific to each zone
  2. Discussion of ideas takes place, notes follow
  3. TL notes that media ball and PA ball already takes place so something separate from this would be most appropriate
  4. Idea put forward: traits that aren't recognised. TL suggests 'content'
  5. RJ puts forward an idea for 'Behind The Scenes'. RJ notes that there should be more reconition for behind the scenes than content. Also perhaps a non-student leader position. 
  6. CM notes this award is open to anyone within Creative Industries zone and anyone can nominate
  7. Action: committee agrees that the award should be for nonm student leaders
  8. TL suggests best CI collaboration. Action: to ask Dan if he already has a similar award regarding collaboration. 
  9. GS notes arguments against content: the closest you could get in PA is editors pitch in writing, director, performance or tech. He notes it's very different in various areas. i.e. content in media is completely different to PA. 
  10. The committee agrees on a 'Behind The Scenes (Team) Award'. 
Decision Behind The Scene's (Team/Collaboration) Award
10. Viewing of LMS video from Learning & Development:
  1. CM introduces the LMS from L&D
  2. Viewing commences
  3. Following the video, EG asks how familiar everyone is with Lynda. EG continues to explain membership and concept and recommends to the committee.
  4. RJ introduced the committee to BOB - broadcasting and explains

CM closes by explaining LMS has a library of courses and it's constantly being added to. CM also explains L&D are open to suggestions of new courses and encourages use of ths system.

PA Funding
11. New funding guidelines
  1. CM begins by explaining why the guidelines are looking to change and the current issues we face with the outdated guidelines. 
  2. GS pulls up a document on screen: a draft of the new funding guidelines he is currently working on together with CM - currently just a draft/proposal
  3. Split in to three areas: Music, Dance, Theatre.
  4. GS talks through each guideline and explains to the rest of the committee. For further clarification, the document is attached to this category. Please note, the document attached is the progress made up until this point: 21/02/17. 
  5. GS talks through funding caps, such as promotion and advertising. 
  6. Explanation through potential flexibility on certain points
  7. Positives of new funding guidelines proposal explained
  8. GS explains through theatrical guidelines and how they differ to the previous of music and dance. More workshops than other groups, which backs up the particular funding guideline for this.
  9. At this moment, the committee enjoys a moment to reflect on previous PA theatre performance. 
  10. GS talks through key points of venue hire funding and the terms if tickets are free
  11. GS finishes by explaining he will reduce the wording, and the document is currently unfinished. No deadline set for this, but further working to begin when other projects and studies have passed. 
  12. CM supports with closing comments with how the document will be laid out to help everybody involved. For instance: we do fund / we don't fund certain areas.
  13. TL contributes and explains it will help everyone and is basically what is needed. He also explains it's what they all needed, it just needed writing down. All committee happy with GS's explanation and the changes entailed in funding guidelines. 
Any Other Business
12. Diversity
  1. TL to raise again in media committee but, on behalf of Surge and other media departments it's very 'white' in terms of demographics of people. 
  2. TL notes this is a problem and asks GS if this is the same in Performing Arts?
  3. GS notes a lot of PA societies have the same issue with the exception of a select few. He notes Dance has the same problem and music does too. 
  4. TL notes it's not deliberate and no accusations against any committee members. He explains if we can think of a strategy or a way to look at it, it should be done. TL compares the recent comments in The Brits etc. He asks the committee if there's something we can do, and what we should do about it. 
  5. EG suggests talking to VP Student Communities (FN) regarding this
  6. TL notes that SURGE always has interest from international students but communication stops after an invite, leading to no furhter attendance. TL is keen to know the answers for this and see what can be done to improve engagement. 
  7. GS notes language barrier can be difficult for media, and also for PA which may go towards this. e.g. scripts, interviews, singing. 
  8. VP Education suggests going to certain groups and asking directly whether coverage is wanted. this could encourage further involvement thereafter. 
  9. RJ suggests reaching out to see what it might be. GS suggests a survey. CM suggests a focus group.
  10. Committee agrees on focus group but to approach with caution to not appear patronising
  11. EG offers a number of contactable focus groups and recommends to go through student communities zone
  12. Committee agrees to go through all zones for a focus group: collaboration with Student Communities. Agreement on focus group as opposed to survey. 
  13. CM suggests to move forward, a meeting between both zones in one room. (CI and SC)
  14. Action: Set up a meeting between both zones after elections. CM to take lead on this and speak to VP Student Communities. Discuss international student engagement within CI. 
  15. RJ suggests we could look in to the same issue for PG's within CI too. 
Action To ask Student Communities for a joint zone meeting after elections (Cameron Meldrum, Jamie Ford)

Key: P (Papers Provided), PF (Papers to Follow)