Student Communities Zone (5th December 2017)


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Name of Committee Student Communities Zone
Date and time 5th December 2017, 16:00
Place Winchester School of Art
Present Members
Postgraduate (Research) Students Officer Giles Howard
Student Communities Zone Open Place Nicolas Kinich Hernandez Sanchez
Vice President Student Communities Arun Aggarwal
Student Communities Zone Open Place Kim Meng Ronson Tan
Winchester Campus President Venezia Georgieva
Student Communities Zone Open Place Renee Johnson
Postgraduate (Taught) Students Officer Inga Franzen
Absent with Apologies Vice President Sport Development Stephen Gore
Union President Flora Noble
Chief Executive Scott Mccarthy
Equality and Diversity Officer Lii Mohamed
Medical Society President Vikash Dodhia
Student Communities Zone Student Group Representative Divyansh Dixit
NOC Site Officer Lauren Coffin
Absent without Apologies International Officer Haris Constantinou

Actions and Decisions

Action Ashley Hunt to contact Michelle Fisher with regards to the Students Communities Zone undertaking the Look After Your Mate Training
1. Apologies

Please refer to attendance list above

* Correction to previous minutes - Divyansh Dixit was in attendance at the previous Student Communities Zone Meeting*

2. Update on Actions

Arun Aggarwal (AA) advised that following the previous action with regards to clubs and societies handover that he would like to link up with as many clubs and societies to help facilitate and answer any questions to avoid any confusion caused at a later date. 

Following previous action, Venezia Georgieva (VG) advised that she just needs to set up a meeting with MedSoc to pursue this further. VG will update the committee at a later date with more information. 

3. Updates from Officers

VG advised that the WSA Committee have held three committee meetings to date. 

WSA Committee have planned to have a BREXIT talk at the End of February delivered by Dr Mike Bastin. As the WSA student population is made up of a large proportion of international students, the committee felt that this was necessary to address some concerns about the topic. This will be an open event to all students. 

VG updated that the WSA Committee is hosting a Free Fruit Friday to encourage healthy eating amongst the student population at WSA. VG advised that the first event was very succesful with positive feedback provided by students. This event will take place twice monthly to avoid repetition. 

VG discussed that printing costs for Art students are very expensive and that a printing survey is currently out to gauge further feedback about this. VG advised that the survey closes on the 15th December. 

To promote the committee VG advised that she would like to provide a termly update to students on what the committee have been up to and future plans of the committee. 

VG confirmed that the WSA Summer Ball will be taking place on 4th May 2018.

Giles Howard (GH) discussed that he is currently working with the University on PGR Tracker. GH discussed that a survey went out to PG students with 367 responding. This survey asked what PGR students like about the current PGR Tracker, what changes/extra functions they would like to see for PGR Tracker 2. The final question asked what one thing would improve the PGR student experience.

The PG Committee are currently planning for the PG Christmas Ball at the Students' Union. Inga Franzen (IF) advised that the committee succesfully held three Christmas events at Avenue, NOC and Highfield for PG Students. 


4. Culture Festival
5. Students' Union Updates

AH updated the committee with regards to Academic Reps being offered the opportunity to undertake the Look After Your Mate Training.

AA updated the committee on Culture Festival. AA advised that this years event is looking to incorporate a more diverse programme to include art, fashion and music as well as the traditional cultural events which have taken place in the past two years. 

AA added that following a 'You Make Change' submitted by the NOC Officer has resulted in several Union spaces updated to include blinds on the door to ensure those who breastfeed or express on campus can do privately should they wish to do so. 

AA updated on behalf of Lii Mohammed with regards to Movember. This years Movemeber has being one of the most succesful, raising over £7000.00. 


Action Ashley Hunt to contact Michelle Fisher with regards to the Students Communities Zone undertaking the Look After Your Mate Training
6. AOB

AA discussed the Diversity project that he is currently working on. AA has met both the Students' Union HR Team and Marketing Team to look at how the Students' Union can ensure that they are reaching out to all demographics of the student body. AA will update in the New Year with updates from this. 

Key: P (Papers Provided), PF (Papers to Follow)