Transgender Awareness Week 2023 – The importance of Sport & Swimming for all

Swimming as a fun activity or a competitive sport can be empowering to participate in, though when it comes to being comfortable in our own bodies, enjoying swimming and really losing yourself in the freedom of it can become difficult.  

For members of the Transgender community, this can especially mean a focus on how our bodies are being perceived by those around us, which can be pressurising and heavy. Being able to live freely as people as opposed to being restricted by the feeling of what others think is important to the LGBTQ+ community as it means acceptance and liberation! 

This is why we must work to provide a protective and safe environment for all who experience the anxieties of the water, so we can enjoy each other’s presence without the worry of unnecessary projections. 

Let’s learn to love ourselves! 


Madison Brown  

Archaeology Student 

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