All Student Vote – Sports Pass Update

Following the November all-student vote, we have been in ongoing talks with University colleagues to negotiate changes, ideally the removal or reduction of the sports pass fee that was reintroduced this academic year. The conversation was challenging, but the student voice was always at the forefront and the outcomes of the negotiations are:

  • Southampton Sport will be evaluating the inclusion of the sports pass in the 24/25 membership packages. No changes have been applied to the current memberships. 
  • We will work with the University to establish a Sports Liaison Forum, for the collection of student feedback, twice per term to ensure ongoing dialogue and swift resolution of any issues.
  • SUSU, along with club/team representatives, will collaborate with the University on the development of the fee structure for the sports pass over the next three years.

We have also been offered £25,000 from the University to assist students affected by the Sports Pass changes and the strong display of student voice from your response to the All-Student Vote was the biggest factor in securing that. This will not be enough to fully refund everyone who had purchased a pass, so we will be consulting with the presidents and captains of each Team Southampton club to discuss the most effective ways of distributing the funds. We will focus on addressing inclusivity and accessibility, while prioritising the well-being of our sporting community. If you have any thoughts or ideas to contribute, please talk to your club president/captain, who will relay your feedback.

 We will keep you updated on any developments and please get in touch at vpsports@soton.ac.uk if you have any questions.

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