Advice Centre Blog – 05/06/2024

Sam Scott – Head of Advice

Special considerations for undergraduate and masters students

There are times in everyone’s life when things happen unexpectedly. Sometimes these unexpected events mean that daily routines or plans are thrown off course, which may mean that we cannot do the things we intended to do.

As students, you might have a coursework or assessment deadline that you have every intention of meeting, but something beyond your control may mean that you can no longer meet that deadline. For example, you might break an arm playing football a few days before an important exam or coursework deadline. This is where the University’s ‘special considerations’ process can help.

The special considerations process is designed to allow you to let the University know what has happened and the impact the event has had on your ability to study.

To apply for special considerations, you need to complete this form and submit evidence. Evidence could be medical information, a police report, death certificate, a letter from the wellbeing team or a counsellor etc.

You will hear back about your application once the exam board have met. For most students, this will be at the end of June when the final, ratified results are released.

If you have any questions about special considerations or require support in completing the form, please get in touch with us on advice@susu.org.

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