Advice Centre Blog – 29/05/2024

Sarah Fergusson – Student adviser

Moving out – Getting Your Deposit Back

It’s time to move out of your property!  To have the best chance of getting your deposit back in full you need to leave it the same condition you found it when you moved in (the exception being ‘fair wear and tear’). 

We suggest you take the following steps: 

  • Leave the property in good state and gather any evidence (e.g., photos, videos). If there has been damage, evidence the extent of it too. 
  • Ensure ovens, refrigerators and freezers are cleaned. Take photos of these!
  • Remove your possessions and any rubbish. Take photos!
  • Clear gardens and driveways. Take photos!

How to request the deposit refund 

Write to the property owner requesting the refund. This can be via email. Make sure you save any communication. 

If both you and your property owner agree the amount to be returned, your deposit should be returned within 10 working days.

How to challenge the proposed deductions 

The property owner should refund any undisputed amount to you within reasonable timescales (e.g., 10 working days from you requesting the money). If you do not receive your deposit, or you disagree with the charges, you can ‘raise a dispute’ using the relevant deposit protection scheme’s resolution service.  An independent assessor will decide based on evidence if any deductions to your deposit are fair or not. Remember to include any photos, emails or other evidence you have.

Remember that The Advice Centre can help you take the necessary steps to get your deposit back. Contact us on advice@susu.org or visit us in building 40 on Highfield campus. 

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