LGBTQ+ positive books

Celebrate pride all year long with books by LGBTQ+ authors! From inspirational memoirs to irresistible romances, these stories honour the journeys of LGBTQ+ individuals and the larger movement for love, acceptance, and equality for all. For LGBTQ+ month we have compiled a list of popular books for you to read. Girl, Woman, Other by Bernadine […]

Welfare Sec thoughts on Alcohol Awareness Week

Drinking is a massive part of uni culture, and when done in safe, consensual environments can be lots of fun! However, problems can arise when people are feeling nervous, pressured or unsafe when drinking at socials. Committee members should keep an eye on members, as well as each other, to check everyone is feeling comfortable […]

Transgender Awareness Week 2023: Transgender Healthcare

The majority of healthcare needs for a transgender person are just the same as any other person. And, like us all, trans people are entitled to open, respectful, sensitive care from healthcare providers. However, this unfortunately is not always the case, and there are often many difficulties for trans people to receive the level of […]

Transgender Awareness Week 2023 – The importance of Sport & Swimming for all

Swimming as a fun activity or a competitive sport can be empowering to participate in, though when it comes to being comfortable in our own bodies, enjoying swimming and really losing yourself in the freedom of it can become difficult.   For members of the Transgender community, this can especially mean a focus on how our […]

Transgender Awareness Week 2023 – Dos and Don’ts of Being a Good Ally 

Here is a brief overview of just a few of the ways in which you can be a good ally to the transgender community; there are both things you can do more often and things you can avoid, which together help create an environment that is safer and more supportive for transgender, nonbinary and gender […]

Black History Month: Loving Natural Afro-Hair

Nakieah May, Criminology and Psychology student and member of ACS, has shared her blog with us this Black History Month on loving your natural afro hair. Afro hair comes in a range of textures, coils, and curls. Maintained in an array of protective styles, like braids, dreadlocks, and twists amongst many others. Today, the diversity […]

Get To Know The LGBTQ+ Flags

As part of LGBTQ+ History Month, we would like to celebrate and help educate members of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies by learning the meanings and history behind the different Pride flags. The Gilbert Baker Pride Flag This was the flag that started it all! Created in 1977 by Gilbert Baker, Baker and Harvey […]

History That Matters: LGBTQ+ History Month

In the UK, there is a long history of legislation that protects the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals and seeks to promote equality. Here are some key pieces of legislation that relate to LGBTQ+ issues in the UK: Laws regarding LGBT rights vary widely around the world. While some countries have made significant progress in protecting […]

Social Mobility Awareness Day and the Social Mobility Network

Thursday 16 June 2022 marks Social Mobility Awareness Day, which is a chance to promote conversations and celebrate commitments to positive change. Here at SUSU we’ve created the Social Mobility Network. This was set up at the end of 2021 by myself – Savanna Cutts, VP Welfare and Community – and Gino Graziano, UoS Director […]

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