LGBTQ+ positive books

Celebrate pride all year long with books by LGBTQ+ authors! From inspirational memoirs to irresistible romances, these stories honour the journeys of LGBTQ+ individuals and the larger movement for love, acceptance, and equality for all. For LGBTQ+ month we have compiled a list of popular books for you to read. Girl, Woman, Other by Bernadine […]

Welfare Sec thoughts on Alcohol Awareness Week

Drinking is a massive part of uni culture, and when done in safe, consensual environments can be lots of fun! However, problems can arise when people are feeling nervous, pressured or unsafe when drinking at socials. Committee members should keep an eye on members, as well as each other, to check everyone is feeling comfortable […]

International Students’ Day

Today is International Students’ Day, a day to celebrate our diverse community of students! We’ve spoken to some members of our Clubs and Societies about their experience of studying in the UK, and how belonging to our Clubs and Societies enhanced their University experience.  Uluk Rasulov  “I come from a small country of Kyrgyzstan in […]

Student Experience Survey

The Student Experience Survey is your opportunity to give feedback on your student experience. It is a collaboration between your Student’ Union (SUSU) and the University of Southampton. We are working closely together to ensure your feedback is valued, listened to and acted upon. We would like to understand your experience, so that we can […]

Top tips for new students!

Pre-uni nerves have kicked in, and you have made your trip to IKEA/Wilko/other student appropriate shops where you can get what you need to take with you. You’re feeling as prepared as you can be. But, what will actually happen once you’re there, what should you expect? We want to help put your mind at […]

Your City, Your Say: contribute to Southampton City Council consultations

Southampton University grounds, green space with Building 42 in the background

Southampton City Council are currently running many consultations for their plans in the city. These cover Green Infrastructure, Biodiversity, sports facilities, homelessness and more. As a student living and studying in Southampton, you’re a resident of this city, so it’s really important to have your say and ensure the student voice is heard in these […]

Top tips for living in Halls!

Living in halls is a brand new world of people, experiences and opportunities, and it is such a great way to have fun and immerse yourself in university life. It can be a total change from your life at home, and can be pretty daunting, so we asked current students who have been exactly where […]

How to choose the right housemates and housing for you

The Advice Centre team have put together this guide to help you find student housing, and choose the right housemates for you! If you have any questions, you can contact The Advice Centre. We have advisers trained in housing issues who can offer you independent and impartial advice, and check your housing contract before you […]

5 Great Student Cooking Tips

Coming to uni, you get so many opportunities to try new things, explore and be independent – including learning to cook! You might not have cooked much before, or had the freedom in the kitchen to try cooking the things you want to. Here a few of our best student cooking tips! Get a few […]

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