RoboSoc Introduction

7 Oct, -
BolderWood B177 Level 3 Space, Design studio BolderWood B177 Level 3 Space, Design studio
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RoboSoc Introduction

Anyone interested in building robots and learning how they work is welcome. We will introduce you to the society and teach you all the basic skills you need to design and build a simple robot. More experienced members will be encouraged to experiment with our equipment and come up with long-term project ideas. The committee will be available for any questions!

The Organisers

RoboSoc is a student-run society aimed at promoting and supporting robotics at the University of Southampton. We organise events, practical workshops and attend competitions. This year we are running: - Unibots UK, a national autonmous competition organised by Southampton and Cambridge - Solar UAV - A plane which never touches the ground all day, all night. - Internal Robot Football and or Ant weight robot wars - Tutorials to teach members about robotics - Suggestions from our membership! Become a member and get a link to our discord!