Nun's Cross Expedition

6 Oct, -
Dartmoor National Park Dartmoor National Park
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Nun's Cross Expedition
Two years ago our December Away Trip took us to a remote, slightly spooky bunkhouse in the swampy heart of southern England's most mythical and remote place: Dartmoor.

However former Expeditions Sec Mahmoud missed that trip, so he's gone out of his way to find another place to stay: it's remoter, there's fewer amenities and it's not just spooky, but one of the most haunted places in Britain!

For those who can brave it, this trip will offer a very good value weekend away in a very unusual place, and a great introduction to either bothying or wild camping, with somewhere to shelter if it rains. But be warned! There's no power here, nor mattresses to sleep on or a flushing toilet.

This trip is all about the location, so any walks we'll do will be local to the area, exploring the local archaeology, myths and legends and hopefully getting the full Dartmoor experience. You don't need to be a strong or experienced walker - just prepared to be stuck in the middle ages for a night or two.


The cost of this trip is £10, which covers accommodation for two nights, the very best in Mediterranean cuisine* and transport to and from Exeter in the limo like comfort of the world's most reliable car, with shuttles going throughout Friday evening and returning late Sunday afternoon.

You will need to get to Exeter (~£27 return from Southampton by train). There's plenty of space in the house so we should be able to give everyone a space who wants it, though we only have limited amounts of roll mats and sleeping bags available to hire.

If you are interested or have any questions (no commitment needed at this point) either send one of us a message -see the event co-hosts- or have a look at the Google Doc listed here


Thomas & Mahmoud
SUHC Expeditions Secs 2020-22


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