inspired by the train and gain society at Loughborough university as well as my passion for Health, fitness and wellness I wanted to start a society where girls can come together to claim their space in the gym. Starting at the gym can be scary: you may feel like you don’t know where to begin in terms of what to do, you may feel intimidated by the regular gym goers, you may not have anyone to go with or maybe you’re going to the gym already but want to progress and take the next step in your fitness journey but don’t know how. whatever reason it is, I want to help! By creating a society focused on empowering us girls and which focuses on building friendships & rejecting the toxic masculinity and fear associated with strength training I hope to make the gym a less scary place and open your eyes to the mental and physical benefits that fitness can provide. Along with the fitness aspect of the society I want a large focus to be on wellness. I want to create a society which empowers its members and works on building self confidence and healthy habits. In a society which earns from our insecurities as women I think it is more important than ever to be able to distinguish the false news out there regarding diets, wellness and exercise and discover the reasons why health and wellness are so beneficial and why shrinking yourself is never the answer. Our motto is “strong not skinny” - we want our members to be empowered when they enter the gym, have a safe place to talk about how they are feeling, have a place where they can get advice about how to train, the best activewear brands, delicious and nutritious meals to make and more. We are an inclusive society, while we are focused on female empowerment we want everyone to feel comfortable at the gym and welcome anyone to join empower.

The Committee

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Halle Andrews Clark

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