India Society

We are a small but still growing society and we run our society for two main reasons. One, we aim to make international students from India feel at home in a country so far away from their real home and two, we aim to help non-residential Indians or Overseas Citizens of India stick to their culturally rich roots.

However, we welcome students of different nationalities and spread our Indian culture to them as well. As committee, the happiness of our members is our top priority, and we plan events according to this. We organise events like Dishoom , a Bollywood night out. We also celebrate festivals like Holi, which is one of our flagship events and we host Diya - the Diwali ball every year in collaboration with our university's Hindu Society.

Both these events have seen sell out crowds. Our second flagship event is the Made in India Republic Day Celebration where we host an Indian cultural showcase with dancers from other universities performing in addition to our Indian Society Southampton dance troupe.

About India Society

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The Committee

All clubs and societies within the Students' Union are run entirely by students. The student committee for India Society this year are:

  • Ashish Gopaul
  • Mirza Hussain
  • Khushi Mutha
    Collaboration Officer
  • Kehkashan Ansari
    Dance Reps
  • Lingkesh Sivakumar
    Events Co-ordinators
  • Arya Parikh
    Events Co-ordinators
  • Vinkita Dhawade
    Events Co-ordinators
  • Krishna Patel
    Events Co-ordinators
  • Rupavidhya Mondi Anandhakrishna
    Marketing Rep
  • Raj Racitalal
  • Kian Shah
    Sports Secretary
  • Jigar Shukla
    Sports Secretary
  • Jaini Shah
  • Neher Fazelbhoy
    Vice President
  • Palak Jain
    Welfare Officer