Judo is a traditional Japanese martial art and modern Olympic sport centred on powerful throws and effective joint locks and pins. Our club offers a variety of fully taught sessions to cater for everyone from first time practitioners to seasoned competitors. We teach a beginners course at the start of the year whilst for more experienced players, we participate in competitions, and attend the BUCS national student championship. The first session is always free so why not give it a go?

The Committee

All clubs and societies within the Students' Union are run entirely by students. The student committee for Judo this year are:

Bruno Colato
Henry Samuels
Adam Driver
Social Sec
Kinga Olexa

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Membership Information

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All SUSU clubs & societies must have a Constitution which governs how they run

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Health & Safety

All clubs & societies are required to risk assess their activity to ensure it is carried out in a safe manner for members. Current risk assessments for Judo are available to view below