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Lawyers Without Borders

External Engagement

The Lawyers Without Borders Southampton Student Division is a student-run group in affiliation with the non-profit organisation Lawyers Without Borders, formed to promote and further their work.

Lawyers Without Borders is a charity that seeks to integrate skilled pro bono lawyers into rule of law programming designed to improve the integrity of the legal process around the world (www.lwob.org). The society works with LWOB on research projects, fundraise for them and promote opportunities in the human rights and legal field.

The society will thus work with Lawyers Without Borders on research projects, fundraise for them and promote volunteering and internships in the protection of rights field.

We aim to raise awareness about the importance of helping countries going through or recovering from, conflict to develop a sound judicial process and improve the link between the organisation's objectives and students who can continue to further their work. We look out for and help develop the passion and career paths of students who seek a future or have a keen interest in international human rights, civil liberties, and pro bono work.

Membership Information

These are the current membership plans offered by Lawyers Without Borders , although many groups offer a free period for new members to try out their group.

  • Free Membership (£0)

This Years Committee

All student groups within the Students' Union are run entirely by students. The student committee for Lawyers Without Borders this year are:

  • Thenuka Baby
    Fundraising Officer
  • Ahmad Yasin
  • Madelyn Rufo
  • Elizabeth Leadbetter
  • Jennie Ham
    Vice President

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