Piano Society

Pianosoc is a friendly environment for all people interested in listening to or performing piano of any genre, at any level.

We generally discuss all things piano-related and even have a weekly dose of a brief introduction to a new pianist, to broaden our scope of the piano world for members for which it has not been so exposed to. We try to spread the love of piano music.

Increase interest for the piano. Make more use of pianos lying around on campus by putting together concerts and playing times, perhaps even one day funding our own piano.

We want to be able to offer members who want to pick up piano playing during their time at university classes, for all sorts of levels, ranging from people who have never touched a piano before to those who just want to continue practicing.

Our society will cater adequately for pianists of all degrees, something no other society does – especially for those piano players who aren't at a high enough level to join the university orchestra or at a low enough level to forget about piano playing altogether.

We also offer piano lessons for both groups and individual ranging from beginners to advance levels. There is a definite demand for Pianosoc; many people play the piano but never really get to meet other pianists since an individual activity.

We provide a network of pianists, teachers and people who just have a general love for piano music..

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The Committee

All clubs and societies within the Students' Union are run entirely by students. The student committee for Piano Society this year are:

  • James Stinson
  • Matteo Tortora
  • Alexander Bincalar