Southampton Hub

Southampton Hub is transforming students' involvement with social and environmental challenges in Southampton and around the world.

We are a catalyst, facilitating more students to do more, more effectively and for longer. We are part of Student Hubs, a national network with the mission to create a culture change in UK universities so that student-powered social change becomes the norm and not the exception “ inspiring socially active citizens for life. We inspire students about their power and potential to shape a better world; connect them to opportunities to make a difference during their time at university, and support them to become civic leaders in their future lives and careers..

About Southampton Hub

Membership Fee Information

There is currently no information about membership fees available

The Committee

All clubs and societies within the Students' Union are run entirely by students. The student committee for Southampton Hub this year are:

  • Jack Williams
    Bio-Cycle Coordinator
  • Thomas Roberts
    Branch Up Coordinator
  • Charlotte Colombo
    Communications Coordinator
  • Hans Dyckerhoff
    Invent Plus Coordinator
  • Charlotte Nichols
    Libraries Plus Coordinator
  • James Tait
  • Holly Smeeton
    Schools Plus Coordinator
  • Arvin De Vera
    Vice President