RESUS is a student manufacturing, engineering, and education initiative that centers its activities around renewable and sustainable technologies. We have four technical divisions and one social team. Our current projects include:

EkkoTeam (Sustainable Transport Division): Is designing a full scale cruiser class solar car (named Tulpar1 after the mythological Turkic horses) to participate in ILumen Solar Challenge (Belgium) and Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (Australia). We are aiming to design a fully functional road legal car. We focus on Solar Array design, High Power Component Integration, Battery Design and Cooling, Telemetry and Localization, User Experience.

Solar Division: Currently building the Mini Array, a proof of concept build to solder and encapsulate solar cells in house. We aim to innovate within these to achieve cost reduction. We also assist other teams in our society with their solar panel designs. We aim to build products that can be integrated into the university landscape and more.

Turbine Division: Mini Turbine Alpha is the first wind turbine that will be in our journey to build a full scale wind turbine. We are building all of our components even the generator from ground up. Currently MTA is in it's manufacturing phase while it's generator is being revamped. Eventually we want to collaborate with Strathclyde Turbine Team to donate our builds to international communities that are not receiving constant power.

Electric Aviation Team: Currently building Project Sylph, a fully solar powered UAV for surveying and monitoring missions that we intend to make it available to the university community for their research. For this reason we are aiming to create a modular and flexible platform that can carry powerful sensors meanwhile still have a competitive flight time for missions. We plan to initiate another project and iterate on SolarUAV concept to achieve a pseudo-satellite, a platform that can indefinitely remain airborne. Our ultimate aim is to achieve a benchmark in electrical aviation and design/manufacture a single seater electric aircraft which is also supported by solar power.

Education and Collaboration Division: We are part of the RESUS that aims to achieve communicating and educating regarding our efforts, global climate crisis and renewable technologies in an empirical and politically unbiased fashion. We aim to reach to university students and the general public with creating regular outreach channels (like newspapers), smaller scale campaigns and initiatives (foremost addressing the university and Southampton) also events for networking, promotion and education. We are looking for members that are willing to take on responsibility and initiative to sustain our efforts.

Fairness and communication are important themes in our community, we always want to attribute everyone's contribution and work as transparently and clearly as possible. Whether you are casually interested in green technology or a renewables expert there is a lot of fulfilling work to do and have fun together! We also run regular socials :)

Please check our Linktree for our discord (for discussion) or lounge (for events):

Feel free to contact us via Alternatively you may forward your questions about the teams directly to the division leaders:

- Daniel Reynolds ( EkkoTeam
- Ella Macey ( Turbine Division
- Ahmet Aydogan ( Solar Division
- Harilaos Karavaggelis ( Electric Aviation Division
- Manisha Mahesh Kumar ( Education and Collaboration Division

We have regular general workshop sessions where all the society come together and focused team workshops which are determined by the division leaders. Please join our social media channels and email list via membership to keep up with all the details!

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The Committee

All clubs and societies within the Students' Union are run entirely by students. The student committee for Renewability and Sustainability Society this year are:

Reuben Moerman
Head of Skill Development
Head of Surveying and Research
Alp Ortakci
Tawana Nhamo
Projects Secretary (VPO)
Reuben Moerman
Raphael Hedges
Social Secretary & Welfare Officer
Daniel Reynolds
Sponsorship Manager
Harilaos Karavaggelis
Aaron Noble

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Membership Information

These are the current membership fees offered by Renewability and Sustainability Society, although many clubs and societies offer a free period for new members to try out their activities.

You must be a member of the Students' Union to join a club or society
NameCostValid PeriodDetails
Normal MembershipFREE01/09/2022 - 01/09/2024Just the normal membership, includes everything! By principle we keep our activities free, however we would very much appreciate if you would select a donation option, since our projects are quite ambitious we need all the help we can get.
Membership with a Small Donation£5.0001/09/2022 - 01/09/2024Normal membership but you want to generously donate 5£ to RESUS activities!
Membership with a donation£15.0001/09/2022 - 01/09/2024Normal Membership but you very generously donate 15£ RESUS activities!
Membership with a sizeable donation£35.0001/09/2022 - 01/09/2024Normal Membership with a very generous donation of 35£ for RESUS activities! Thank you :)
Introductory Membership (2023-24)FREE01/09/2023 - 01/09/2024This membership allows you to get an idea about how the society works and what we do. If you decide that RESUS is for you, please acquire the 'normal' membership.


All SUSU clubs & societies must have a Constitution which governs how they run

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Health & Safety

All clubs & societies are required to risk assess their activity to ensure it is carried out in a safe manner for members. Current risk assessments for Renewability and Sustainability Society are available to view below