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Business Society


Due to the recent change in faculty name from the Management school to Business we have rebranded our society from The Management society to The Business society also.

The University of Southampton Business Society is primarily focussed on helping students from every course within the university’s business school to build strong relationships with each other.

We also aim to become a medium for the school to promote events and facilities to be inclusive of all students, whether or not they belong to the faculty.

We thoroughly believe that taking an interest in business is integral to future employability and have confidence that through this society we will engage an interest in business from those within other disciplines. We are keen to run a calendar of social events throughout the academic year - for students to engage with their fellow course mates outside of lectures.

We will put a strong focus on helping freshers integrate, and make friends by communicating with the business school buddies.

With this we hope to create a support network within the faculty and between the different year groups. Our main goal is to help facilitate students to gain as much as possible from their university experience. We will build upon the old society’s sports team and introduce others.

This will help students to get to know each other, work as a team in a fun environment, and help those who do not desire to be part of a sporting society to get some exercise while having great fun. We have a great deal of interest from students about the possibility of providing them with a ball, of which has not happened in the last academic year.

This will give students something exciting to look forward to, increasing their levels of student satisfaction around the newly branded business school.

We are expecting this event to be a huge success. Finally, we plan to promote employability and other such events through our Facebook page in order to help students interact with businesses, giving them as much information as possible about the options available both now and in the future.

We will also conduct a book sale in both semesters. .

Membership Information

These are the current membership plans offered by Business Society, although many groups offer a free period for new members to try out their group.

  • Free Membership (£0)

This Years Committee

All student groups within the Students' Union are run entirely by students. The student committee for Business Society this year are:

  • Daniel Pryor
    Social Secretary
  • Ibrahim Moussa
  • Sophie Anne Felstead
    Vice President
  • Aleksandra Zak
    Communications Officer
  • Jodie Colverd
    Female Sports Rep
  • Shameber Shakil
    Male Sports Officer
  • Jamie Burrell
    Social Secretary
  • Hannah Butcher
  • Nisha Bhoja

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