Quiz Society

We are the Quiz Society – a society for quiz goers and quiz makers. Meeting on Friday evenings we run a regular schedule of In-House quizzes throughout the year containing unique rounds like Play/Pass, Connections, Reel-to-Reel-to-Reel, and What They Don’t Know.

We can also help you write and run your own quizzes at any point in the year. It’s a great way to meet new people from a variety of different years and subjects.

All are welcome no matter what your status at the university; we’re keen to see undergrads or postgrads join us. As a society we find a variety of local pub quizzes to go to. We also send teams to external quiz tournaments to compete against other universities, alongside running our own tournaments for other universities and other Southampton societies.

But we do more than just quizzes with socials and special events throughout the year. .

About Quiz Society

Membership Fee Information

There is currently no information about membership fees available

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The Committee

All clubs and societies within the Students' Union are run entirely by students. The student committee for Quiz Society this year are:

  • Isabel Syms
    Chief Master-Quiz for Humanities
  • Elliot Miles
    Chief Quiz-Master for Science
  • James Carrigy
    Chief Quiz-Master for The Arts
  • Christian Cox
  • Rupert Bickham
    Publicity Officer
  • Lorna Frankel
  • Lorna Frankel
    Social Secretary
  • Stephen Barnes
    Tournament Coordinator
  • Ethan Culverhouse
  • Niall Jones
    VP (in-house)
  • Stephen Barnes
    VP (out-of-house)