Union Senate (24th March 2017)


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Name of Committee Union Senate
Date and time 24th March 2017, 13:00
Place Meeting Room 2
Vice President Student Communities Flora Noble
Union President Alex Hovden
Vice President Sports Tom Provan
Vice President Education Elliot Grater
Vice President Democracy and Creative Industries Cameron Meldrum
Vice President Welfare David Allwright
Vice President Engagement Dan Varley
Chair of Senate Ben Franklin
Senator Aaron Mulford
Senator Giles Howard
Senator Rupert Molyneux
Senator Daniela Balan
Senate Representative- Democracy Zone Emily Harrison
Senate Representative-Creative Industries Zone Toby Leveson
Senate Representative- Education Zone Samuel Dedman
Senate Representative- Sports Development Zone Olivia Owen
Senate Representative - Sustainability Eleanor Davis
In Attendance
(non-voting officers and staff)
Invited Evie Reilly
1. Attendance/Apologies
2. Previous minutes of the last meeting
3. Discussion: Senator Training
P 4. Update on the Spring Elections Result (VP DCI)
5. Update on Lettings Office at WSA
P 6. Rule Changes
7. You Make Change
P 8. Full Time Officer Reports
9. Questions for Full Time Officers
P 10. AOB

Key: P (Papers Provided), PF (Papers to Follow)