Buddy System

Moving to a different country and making new friends can be challenging. SUSU wants to help you by pairing you with a buddy.

Why get a Buddy?

Having a Buddy is a great way to meet new people, make friends and to get settled at the university. Simply register for a SUSU Buddy and we will deal with the rest.

Apply for a SUSU Buddy

Why become a Buddy?

Being a SUSU Buddy is much more than meeting new people. Through volunteering as a buddy, you will develop your leadership and communication skills. You will be recognised as a SUSU Volunteer, which means you will:

  • get a SUSU Volunteer Discount Card
  • have access to our STRIVE online volunteering recognition scheme
  • be a potential candidate for the SUSU Society & Volunteering Awards
  • be able to download a certification from our website (for your CV!)

Apply to be a SUSU Buddy