Leadership Elections 2022

Congratulations to all our winners in the Leadership Elections! Take a look below at who you voted to be your next representatives!

You can view the breakdown of the final results for the sabbatical candidates here.

Union President

Oliver Murray

Oliver Murray Elected

  • Reinstate the Unilink night-time service for student safety
  • Combat off-campus spiking with reusable drink covers and lobbying of clubs
  • Introduce SUSU shop meal deals
  • Fight unreliable landlords with a SUSU housing accreditation system
  • Support and facilitate the growth of smaller clubs and societies
Harry Bull

Harry Bull

  • Make SUSU the focal point of student life
  • Change the conversation on safety on and off our campuses
  • Empower students through transparency
  • Support students all the way through the pandemic
  • Two years’ experience on the Union Senate
Rishi-Nayan Varodaria

Rishi-Nayan Varodaria

  • Will fight to ensure students aren't negatively impacted by Covid.
  • Will create cheap Wednesday SU nights for all our students.
  • Will introduce deals to improve affordability across all SUSU outlets.
  • Will form student focus groups for University and SUSU events.
  • Will push for investment in academic and wellbeing support.
Benedict Madan

Benedict Madan

  • I want a fairer University of Southampton
  • I want a happier University of Southampton
  • I want a more peaceful University of Southampton
  • I want a more prosperous University of Southampton
  • I am proud to be a student at the University of Southampton

Vice President Activities

Zoe Chapple

Zoe Chapple Elected

  • Increase society engagement university-wide
  • Termly one-to-ones to help committees achieve their goals
  • Make booking union space an easier process for societies
  • Ensure adequate welfare to all committee and society members
  • More opportunities to join societies outside of freshers week
Sachin Choudhary

Sachin Choudhary

  • I have boundless enthusiasm for this role!
  • I would strive to improve the societies and clubs
  • Improve accessibility, experience of the students
  • make sure everyone's voice is heard.
  • Improvre requiredresource to all societies
Corin Holloway

Corin Holloway

  • Get more students involved in societies
  • Work with (LGBT+, BAME, PGR, disabled…) communities to improve accessibility
  • Reward, recognise and support volunteers and committee members
  • Communicate honestly with students about issues which will affect them
  • Support small societies and treat societies fairly
John Galbraith

John Galbraith

  • Improve communication between SUSU and its societies
  • Promote and improve more collaboration between societies
  • Facilitate participation in southampton's wider community
  • Broaden the landscape of opportunities made available to students
  • Further SUSU's aims including inclusivity and sustainability alongside activities
Samuel Pegg

Samuel Pegg

  • Increase accessibility and engagement for people with disabilities
  • Work with welfare to establish society events for mental wellness
  • Create a platform to help introduce members to struggling societies
  • Establish an emergency fund to help societies outside grant rounds
  • Increase Performing Arts visibility and encourage greater participation

Vice President Education and Democracy

Emily Bastable

Emily Bastable Elected

  • Increase number of postgraduate scholarships for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Reduce student workload around the winter holidays.
  • Greater emphasis on student feedback and partnership at all levels.
  • #realstudentstories to inspire applicants from underrepresented backgrounds.
  • Activism training so students can create the change they want.
Xiao Wang

Xiao Wang

  • Passionate about dealing with issues that students maybe meet
  • Prefer to communicate with tutors and students in-person or online
  • Be willing to support academic representatives with varying feedback
  • Flunt Chinese (Mother) language can support international students who have better understanding
  • Participate actively in meetings or activities to know the latest university news
Ruiya Wang

Ruiya Wang

  • Make education democracy-er!
Parth Pandya

Parth Pandya

  • Pragmatic vision for academic representation
  • 4 years of academic rep experience & strong connections
  • Putting postgraduates & joint honours students higher on the SUSU priority list
  • Improve PAT & Employability Coordinator support guidelines
  • Review of student workload guidelines and assessment type mix
Holly Denton

Holly Denton

  • Increased PAT training and increasing guidance and accessibility of support.
  • Ensure students with disabilities feel supported and are not disadvantaged.
  • Promote engagement with course Representatives so all students are represented.
  • Work with the university to innovate student focused learning methods
  • Streamline feedback system for modules and courses
Ryan Couchman-Sawyer

Ryan Couchman-Sawyer

  • Provide regular meetings with postgrads to solve issues they have
  • Ensure minority voices are heard and their concerns acted upon
  • Improve special considerations process and awareness of eligibility criteria
  • Improve mental health support for all students all year round
  • Increase the limit on course reps for each course
Jamie Biltcliffe

Jamie Biltcliffe

  • Increase integration and consistency between departments and union reps
  • Promote greater involvement with the course rep system
  • Empower popular petitions
  • Provide skills help for transition to in-person exams
  • Increase direct communication to students regarding student-led change
Peerapat Sparks

Peerapat Sparks

  • Intuitive and simple online voting systems
  • Have clear targets for meetings
  • Further build on improvement with Student Hub
  • Improve public transit, cycle lanes and pedestrian space
  • Actively observe , analyse and solve new and old issues
Tomasz Duliban

Tomasz Duliban

  • Improve student-PAT communication.
  • Create a communication workshop for students.
  • Focus on restructuring Academic Integrity breach penalties.
  • Adapting exams and lectures to COVID-19
  • Reward integrated external projects.

Vice President Sports

Casie Osborne

Casie Osborne Elected

  • More free sports and sporting opportunities
  • Raise inclusivity within sports
  • Lobbying sports and wellbeing
  • Increased sports recognition
  • Improved communications and transparency
Theo Levison

Theo Levison

  • Experienced committee member in clubs of varying sizes and profiles
  • I've spent this year running national organisations and inter-uni competitions
  • Increase funding and help clubs use it more effectively
  • Channel equality initiatives into existing clubs to help improve representation
  • Organise bigger joint socials, to find new sports and friends!

Vice President Welfare and Community

Aycha Ates-Di Adamo

Aycha Ates-Di Adamo Elected

  • Introduction of ‘Southampton says Enough’ campaign to tackle sexual misconduct.
  • Produce quality, intersectional and inclusive awareness campaigns, events and communications.
  • Introduce on-campus medical/safe-space, address covid/health-related anxieties and keep exams safe.
  • Improve social mobility, widening participation, mental health and enabling services.
  • Ensure postgraduates, WSA and NOCS feel part of the community.
Selin Moustafa

Selin Moustafa

  • Make support easily accessible to all
  • Influence change for the university’s policies for disabled students
  • Assess how to effectively make use of officers within the union
  • Promote unity between societies to tackle more intersectional issues
  • Create support avenues for students struggling with mental health
Ruby Turner

Ruby Turner

  • Inclusivity
  • Accessibility
  • Equality
  • Safety
  • Camaraderie
Maryam Malakoutikhah

Maryam Malakoutikhah

  • Focus on increasing awareness about mental health and effects of the pandemic
  • Regular seminars and workshops on mental-health related subjects
  • Work closely with student reps to ensure that students voices are heard
  • Increase sexual consent and improve the support for victims
  • Improve the support given by the enabling services for the students

Student Trustee

Rebecca Hayward

Rebecca Hayward Elected

  • Experience in university politics
  • Open minded
  • Respectful of varying perspectives
  • Reliable
  • Interest in politics, law and finance
Fiona Sunderland

Fiona Sunderland Elected

  • Extensive experience working with SUSU
  • Experience in a large range of roles and at different levels of study
  • Eager to be involved in the core decision-making process
  • Want to ensure clear and transparent communication to all students.
  • Intent on securing inclusivity in all aspects of SUSU's work
Laura McQuillan-Graham

Laura McQuillan-Graham Elected

  • I will help to create an inclusive environment
  • I will ensure that progress is made
  • I will uphold the core values of the union and the university
  • I will support and work collaboratively with union members
Muhammad Subhan  Ahmad

Muhammad Subhan Ahmad

  • Commitment to the role.
  • Hardworking.
  • Eager to Learn.
Aishwarya Tayade

Aishwarya Tayade

  • Helpful
  • Friendly
  • Outgoing
  • Focused
  • Team Player

Chair of Senate

Georgios Ntoules

Georgios Ntoules Elected

  • Ensure that the Sabbatical Officers' decisions are not ultra vires.
  • Guarantee that the Sabbaticals are representing and promoting students' interests.
  • Make the Senate the students' voice.
  • Establish and promote an extensive and intensive collaboration between Students-Senate-Sabbaticals.
  • Secure the students' welfare and wellbeing.
Fiona Sunderland

Fiona Sunderland

  • Increase Student Engagement with Senate
  • Hold Elected Officers Accountable
  • Get Media Groups More Involved
  • Keep Meetings Relevant
  • Make Sure Students Can See What Sabbaticals Are Doing


Jamie Norton

Jamie Norton Elected

  • Asking the right questions to keep leadership on their toes
  • Experienced working with and within SUSU
  • Understanding students’ varied and diverse experiences
  • Objective decision making with students in mind
  • Student politics is wild, and good senators can tame it
Wang Wong

Wang Wong Elected

  • Elected as a Senator last year
  • Twice elected as a course representative
  • Enthusiasm and innate ability to engage with the public
  • Bring in international insight as an international student
  • Determination to give everything I have to the counsel
Nataliya Klymko

Nataliya Klymko Elected

  • Reliable
  • Organised
  • Passionate
  • Committed
  • Ready to take a leading position
Andrew Colvill

Andrew Colvill Elected

  • Scrutinise where scrutiny is due and provide my support where it is needed.
  • Work with, yet hold to account, the Sabbatical Officers.
  • I will ensure progress is being made on important decisions and manifesto promises
  • I will help to ensure there is a kind and respectful environment within the senate and SU
  • Ensure the Senate represents and upholds the voice of all the students
Joshua Grimsdale

Joshua Grimsdale Elected

  • I enjoy critically scrutinising people's work, especially when they are being paid a significant amount to do so
  • Firm believer in complete transparency in all aspects (unlike Boris)
  • Don't you want to know where the £9,000 goes?
  • Broad experience having previously being a school prefect
  • As a fresher I will give more representation for new students
Ronghua Wang

Ronghua Wang

  • Loving and respect
  • Ture and fair
  • Prudence
  • Appreciate advice
  • Scrutinise the work of Sabbatical Officers

Arts and Humanities Faculty Officer

Zara Campbell

Zara Campbell Elected

  • I am confident and enthusiastic
  • I will make myself very available to all students
  • I am extremely passionate and outgoing
  • I will defend the interests of students
  • I will provide more support to related societies

Engineering and Physical Sciences Faculty Officer

Jalaj Arora

Jalaj Arora Elected

  • I want to be the voice of the students within the faculty .
  • I look to facilitate strong bonding between student representatives and the university.
  • I am a first year undergraduate student studying an integrated masters in Computational Chemistry
  • Together, with the Students' Union, we will provide students with best facilities to support their learning.
  • I have been a senior school council member during sixthform at Lampton School.

Environment and Life Sciences Faculty Officer

Iona Bateman

Iona Bateman Elected

  • Strong representation of your voice
  • Following through on issues raised to an effective solution
  • Proactively responding to your concerns
  • Dynamic and creative approach to problem solving
  • Advocating for positive change to enrich the student experience

Medicine Faculty Officer (MedSoc Vice President)

Nika Seraji

Nika Seraji Elected

  • Organise exchange programmes with other universities
  • Arranging more social events with non-medics
  • Provide longer revision periods and catch-up programme
  • Plan more engagement with clinical work for Y1 and Y2
  • Make sure your voice is heard

Social Sciences Faculty Officer

Amina Omokanye

Amina Omokanye Elected

  • I believe that no issue is too small or insignificant
  • Changes should benefit all students; not just the majority
  • Full transparency achieves greater results - keep students informed!
  • Unity is strength; we'll achieve more by working together
  • My main focus will be on progress, not perfection
Mahad Kashif

Mahad Kashif

  • Encouraging the social sciences department to publish exam timetables earlier
  • Be the bridge of communication between the students and university
  • To extend the sense of community among the students and staff in the department
  • To ensure students are getting consistent support from lecturers and personal academic tutors
  • Promote 3rd year students involvement for support